Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goodbye old friend.

It's time. This relationship just isn't working anymore.

I met you at Wal-Mart in early 2006 off Eastway Drive in Charlotte. You came home with me. Mornings have always been our special time together. There were also many late nights, sometimes working together until sunrise and beyond. I'll miss you, Mr. Coffee.

Now it's been almost 4 years. We've had some good times. We've been through some bad times. But it's over. The chamber has a leak. Even when filled to capacity, it only gives me 3/4 of a cup of tepid coffee. I'm worried that all the escaping steam will ruing my new cabinets. I could move it, but I think it's just time to say goodbye. I have drip style coffee maker in the cupboard. It's just not the same. The flavor turns muddy and dark before the second cup is poured. I guess I'll have to find another soon. Maybe I'll do that when the kitchen is finished. I should do some painting today. Or maybe I'll curl up with some literature from work that I need to read and drink the last cup of coffee.

It's 41 degrees and cloudy. The cat and I laid in bed this morning watching the birds outside the window. We're still waiting on the rain they promised last night. 181 fruit and flowering trees were unloaded and put in place at the store. Blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and raspberries arrived on Tuesday. I hope someone is watering them this morning.

- It's finally raining. It's a light rain so far, but the radar shows storms rolling in this evening. It's 39 degrees.

I sowed 8 more quart sized containers today. Four each of Hardy Orange and Ligustrum "Howardii". I'll use these in the neighbor's corner. I think my loropetalum are gone. The cold was just too much, too long, and they weren't well established after being moved in the fall. I'm going to wait a few months before ripping them out, just in case.

Off to work in 40 minutes.


Unknown said...

It's almost embarassing how attached we hard-core coffee drinkers get to our machines......perhaps a little shrine in the garden for it?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Tim, it's an ugly little thing. I think it's best if I just bury it at the bottom of the roll out container next Tuesday night. Maybe a small ceremonial candle lighting to follow as I roll it to the curb. I just have to remind myself that they sell new ones everyday.

Darla said...

Coffee machines are very important, even though I have had to cut down some, I would be lost in a deep depression without mine. We have had almost 4 inches of rain here this morning!

Jean Campbell said...

Give the lorpetalum a good long chance. They can look so dead and make a come-back.

I set our coffee maker on an old glass microwave tray so any drips are contained.

Randy Emmitt said...


Sorry about your coffee maker... I have one that the top just flies open when it wants to while brewing.

So is that an OSB counter top? We made our own concrete counter tops it as fun and they look pretty cool.

Fun House said...

Oh NO! Not Mr. Coffee!
I remember hearing him hiss as we sat on your patio in Charlotte waiting for Margaret (oh Margaret) to take a pi#%. I was wondering if you still have that pirate memory game suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 8?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Darla, we're getting rain now. Not as much as forecast, but it's cold.

Nell, I'm looking at new ones already. We're through. ;)

Randy, that is a temporary countertop. I'm hoping to install the laminate soon with mdf underneath. Just a few more weeks.
I considered concrete. Seems very involved.

F Cameron said...

I didn't drink coffee at all until I married the Musician 7 1/2 years ago. Now, I MUST have my 2 cups every morning. I won't even go into what kind of coffee maker HE bought, but it is now in it's 6th year of performance and it gets a hard workout everyday since he can easily drink 6 cups!


L. D. said...

Be sure to post your new coffee maker post. My coffee pot are like brothers, and I have a spare old one around in case of any function failures. We are expected to get California's rain on Saturday.

ChrisC said...

Love your coffee pot post!We have a Cuisinart for when we have company,but for day to day use we use a Keurig.And love it!