Monday, January 25, 2010

And it rained.

Two inches of rain overnight. The basement floor is flooded. The drain, apparently clogged, has been plunged and the waters are receding slowly. The wind is still howling. The plants by the garage door made it through the night. I'll bring them back inside when I come home today for lunch. It's 55 degrees and cloudy. Tonight, 33.


F Cameron said...

I just came in from checking my garden. I dug out the trench at the top of the garden to handle the predicted 2" of rain. I think we might have gotten more than that. Our drystream is filled with mud and such, so I've got some digging to do. I'm just going to have to fill the "now deeper" trench at the top edge of the garden, outside the concrete edging, with river rock. This has been a winter of torrential rains in short periods of time.

However, my trench digging yesterday saved all the seedlings sprouted in my deer resistant garden. It worked, but there's much to do today.

Off to the quarry I go!


Darla said...

Did it ever!