Friday, January 29, 2010

It's all downhill from here.

Salt trucks were spraying the roads yesterday. The squirrels seem to be more chattery than normal. Birds have been taking turns filling up on the fresh seeds I put out in the feeders and saucers scattered around the yard. They know it's coming.

It's clear and cool this morning as the sun rises above the trees outback. It's 37 degrees.

By 6pm, we should be in the mid 40s. Within an hour, the temperature is forecast to fall to near or below freezing as the rain starts. By midnight, the ice and/or snow will be coming down. We're supposed to get about 1/2" of something. If it's ice, that's a big problem. If it's snow, I suspect there will be more than 1/2". This will continue through midnight on Saturday.

I was planning to work on the kitchen today. When I went to bed, I made a promise that I would get up and start painting after the first cup of coffee. I'm just not in the mood. I might be later on, but I'm thinking I may just take the day off. I do need to bring in the rest of the split firewood. I'll need it come Sunday night when the lows will dip into the very low double digits and possible into the 8-9 degree range. I'm hoping it snows. That will add a little protection to the plants already pushing up new spring growth thanks to some warmer weather over the past two weeks.

The chili is gone. It was delicious. I think today I will make a pot of butterbeans. I need some fatback.


Jimmy said...

They are saying 3-5" tonight and 5-8" tomorrow in Hillsborough. Hope there is no ice. What a pain! Be safe, Tom!

Darla said...

As much as I love seeing snow photos, I couldn't live in it! A day of rest would probably do you good Tom. It's drizzling here now rain coming in tonight through tomorrow midday..

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Taking a day off is always good, as it gives us time to unwind and think about things, whether it be life, weather, gardens, remodeling. Enjoy your day and I hope you don't get ice.

The sun is shining brightly here. The breeze is from the east. It has warmed up to 76 right now, right around 12:30.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some snow, but I am sure we will get mostly ice. We'll see what comes out of all this.

L. D. said...

Cold weather does ruin ambition. I find I just want to do nothing but stay warm. I hope you don't get any damage to your trees and plants.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

It was a great day. Did some laundry. Did some dishes. Ate a lot of bad food (don't want it to spoil if the power goes off!) Spent half the day reading.

Betty819 said...

Butterbeans and fat I know you're a good ole Southern boy! What time will those butterbeans be ready? Sounds good to you cook blackeye peas on New Year's Day for Good Luck? Memories of sitting on the porch shelling those fresh butterbeans right out of the garden started flowing..Thanks!