Monday, November 23, 2009


It's still raining. Overnight, the rain gauge collected 1.25". The ground, already squishy from Ida's 7 inches, is now soggy. The thermometer stands at 48 degrees.

Some plants just don't know when to quit.

In the cloner, the best rooters this round are butterfly bush and cotoneaster.

The high today should be in the 50s. Rain clearing out overnight but clouds remain through Tuesday night. It's warm and dry inside with a fire roaring in the basement.

3:56pm - I started working on the kitchen after running a couple errands. While out, I picked up two large pieces of Confederate rose from Carla's neighbor. She has several that start out white and turn pink. I chopped them to a foot each and put them in water to root. There's more than a dozen cuttings from those two branches. The purple queen was stuck yesterday. It'll root quickly in water.

In the kitchen, I used the heat gun to remove the paint from the window and I started on the door into the mudroom. I made a new windowsill from leftover pine boards. When I went to the router to ease the bottom edge, I rounded over the wrong edge on about 6" of it. I chopped that off and replaced it with a new piece. It's glued and clamped. In the morning I'll finish it once the glue is dry and I can sand it smooth.

Lovely view, eh? Hanging on that old clothesline is a rug that I assume is from the apartment on the left. Its been hanging there since the spring. I'm thinking it might just get gone one late night this week. Obviously, I would never do such a thing, but I know people.

I got the last three pieces of beadboard installed as well. The outlet that was giving me trouble fit once the 3/8" plywood was added to the wall. The box is attached to the concrete block behind the plaster.

It's still moist out. The temperature is 50 degrees and holding. The basement is 79 degrees. Upstairs, it's 64. I wonder if heavy drapes would help with the heat loss? This evening, I'll sort more seeds. Back to work tomorrow.

7:47pm - I finished the windowsill. The scraped frame needs sanding. Bondo was used on some really bad spots.

Ya'll are funny. I don't take any vitamins. I drink about 4 cups of coffee and put on some music.


LeSan said...

God love ya man! You never stop do you? Not to much unlike your plants. LOL Your winter starts look terrific and I am looking forward to seeing them thrive this spring. I admire -read envy- your carpentry skills. You are really making a lot progress inside the house!

Darla said...

are you going to tell us the 'super' vitamins that you take? LOL

L. D. said...

That clothesline view is amazing. I guess that is the wonders of no zoning or building right on the property line. It doesn't look like you have room to plant anything to cover it without covering up the window too. Your lucky to get that plug to work out. Sometimes you have to abandoned them but you beadboard gave you more room. that is good. Looks like your making good progress.