Saturday, November 21, 2009

Honeycomb, honeycomb

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

When I was a kid, I'd hear that jingle every time I sat down to watch my Saturday morning cartoons. It was a breakfast cereal. Yesterday, one of my customers brought me a different kind of Honeycomb.

I put 6 cuttings in the cloner on my lunch break. The rest are in water along with the Salvia leucantha branches she brought too. I'll stick some in the cloner and the others in soil. I'm not sure which method will net me the best results as I've not grown Mexican sage before. I do know that fresh new growth from butterfly bushes stuck just over a week ago are already rooting in the cloner. I'm really excited to add both of these plants to my gardens.

It's 39 degrees and slightly hazy this morning. I'm going to spend a little time in the basement rearranging my plant rack. I've mailed out a few cuttings to people already. I need to get a few more ready to go after Thanksgiving. Everything needs to be watered again. The wood heater is drying things out quickly. The pineapple sage cuttings are trying to bloom again.

I also need to get my hoophouse beds ready. I need to cut the rebar and drill the holes in the two small raised beds. Lots of things to do today. But first, coffee.

10:21am - Repotted some of the brugs. A few of the cuttings have wilted and died with no roots formed. I've still got lots left.

The butterfly bushes I stuck last week are rooting.

I stuck 12 cuttings of Honeycomb in soil. I have 6 others in the cloner. I stuck 3 cuttings of S. leucantha in the cloner and another 6 in soil. I'm using 6-pack trays and gallon sized ziplock bags. The medium is half peat and half perlite. I finally broke down and bought a bag of perlite last week. It makes the medium fluffy rather than hard packed. I like this stuff.

Heading back downstairs to cut the rebar for my two smaller raised beds. 3.5 hours til work. It's 50 degrees.


L. D. said...

It must have been foggy or hazy all over the united states. My brother called from Arizona and they were cold and foggy and hazy. We were foggy most of the morning with cool weather here in Iowa.
I really like the new plant that you have there. I have never heard of the honeycomb plant.

Unknown said...

Several people told me not to bother with "Honeycomb," saying it isn't as strong as most other buddleias. After the first season I was tempted to believe them and rip it out. After the second, however, this plant has just taken off and is a showstopper!