Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm not dead yet.

Two posts in one day. I just wanted to make note of these things in the yard.

Redtwig dogwood.


Oakleaf hydrangea. This plant is finally shaping up. I hope it really takes off next year. I moved it again this spring.

Cotoneaster in the orchard waiting for spring. It'll be planted on the former snake pit.

Still not ripe.


White hyacinth bean and moonvine.

Korean lilac and alternanthera.

Crape myrtle.

Burford holly.

Purple queen.

Rudbeckia fulgida and purple lantana.



lynn'sgarden said...

Indian summer at it's best! Great photos of the nandina and nasturtium! But a sign of fall for sure with all those fallen leaves...
Thanks for your visit, enjoy your weekend :)

Randy Emmitt said...

Korean lilac didn't live for us here in Durham. When I lived in the NC mountains I just loved the fragrance of the standard lilacs.

L. D. said...

Is the Korean Lilac the one that has the wonderful super sweet smell? I see one over at our McDonald's in a neighboring town and I want to own one someday.

Lisa said...

It's fun to see that the plants that you've recorded in your garden Saturday are so similar to what we've got going on here in the SC Piedmont. Can you believe we still have nasturtiums in flower in late November?

And, it looks like you're growing that strange milkweed relative from JC Raulston? The one that's a great monarch host? I collected some seeds when I was there in Sept. but haven't tried to germinate them yet.

It's turning more wintery here today with cold rain, but no freeze yet in sight.