Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The circle bed.

It's part of the perennial bed along the driveway. I finished the path a month or more ago giving me a view from all sides.

It was my intention this morning to head out and completely revamp this bed. I've got some perennials that I want to divide and move, but once in the yard, it was impossible to decide what to keep and what to toss.

There are wintersown Columbine that haven't bloomed yet.

Self-sown Mountain Bluet and diathus that are blooming again after being wintersown in December.

Seedlings of larkspur are popping up all over. I scattered a lot of these back in October from a package sent to me by Janie, the obsessive/compulsive plant collector.

Tiny cleome are also popping up. Will they survive the winter? I'm not sure.

Wintersown sea hollies are putting out new basal growth too. One plant bloomed, but it wasn't in this bed.

Wintersown irises and daylilies probably wouldn't survive the move at this point either.

The July blooming foxglove seems happy where it is in partial shade.

A mum, bloody dock, red spider lilies, and Golden Jubilee seedlings. Could I really move these with winter coming soon? I can't take the chance.

There's also tons of spring bulbs in this bed. Daffodils, hyacinths, muscari, and irises would probably be destroyed in the process. I've got Stargazer lilies in there, too. I would be heartbroken to dig one of those up. Crimson clover has germinated and should create a sea of red blooms in the spring. And who can blame me for not redoing this bed today? It's starting to drizzle and the bees are still asleep.

Instead, I potted a couple of really cheap clearance plants into the coleus container from the front porch. I amended the soil, removed all the summer plants, and brought it inside.

It's not what I had planned to do this morning, but I'll survive. More importantly, so will my plants. I'm still going to head out and divide a clump of Full Moon Coreopsis and Dame's rocket for the circle bed. It's 55 degrees, dark, dreary, and trying to rain.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've got larkspur and poppies popping up all over here too. I'm leaving them to see what happens.
I know around here they say you can move stuff as long as the ground isn't frozen. I was just moving iris, asters and heucheras.

Darla said...

I don't know about your zone, my cleome stay green year around here, so far. You have a lot popping up..can't wait to see what happens to them.. They will probably be fine with such the good gardener/green 'hand' that you are!

Kathy said...

Like your website.... good luck with your gardens... we are also having humidity that is annoying for this time of year.