Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time Marches On.

Thanksgiving Day is coming to a close. It's raining and 46 degrees. It was clear when I got home from the parents' house. Another spectacular sunset happened while I unloaded the truck. I brought back a lot of stuff. I'll discuss those things later.

Thanks to Trevor, again, for a new banner image. Spring and summer are gone. Fall is at its end. Winter is on the way. Friday night's forecast will bring a frost, finally.

Red, white, and green are my colors. More to come as it happens.

This year's Christmas tree is a Ficus benjamina.


Maureen said...

Love your Christmas tree! Just perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jill-O said...

Your new banner is great! I also noticed the red and green seasonal titles and sidebars. Very cool. Guess I'd better run along to my blog and take the turkeys down and put up the holiday banner. Happy Thanksgiving.

Darla said...

Curious to what you unloaded out of your truck from your parent's home. Red, white and green are great Christmas colors....cute tree...I woke to 37 degrees this morning, haven't ventured out yet, still sippin' coffee.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Maureen. The ficus is large and moving it requires two people. Then it drops its leaves. So I'm just going to leave it this year and strung the lights across the heaviest branches. From the street, no one knows.

Thanks Jill. Trevor does a great job. I added some green lights. I hope he didn't mind.

Darla, all good things to those who wait. LOL! I've got to get some help moving one things I brought back. It's in a bad spot right now, but I'd rather not take it apart again unless I have to. The rest is just greenery and branches for decorations still to come.

Nell Jean said...

Everything reminds me of a story. Your ficus reminded me of my late friend Burt, who had a fake ficus with tiny white lights, year around. One day, one of her many precious grandsons whispered to his Mom, "Doesn't Grandmama know that isn't a real Christmas tree?"