Friday, November 20, 2009


In the perennial bed, there are two plants blooming that have similar blooms. One's a weed.

Hyacinths. This photo was taken this morning though I noticed them a couple days ago. We haven't even had a frost yet.

I'm still considering potting these begonias to bring in for the winter.

I did pot the last castor bean, the only really dark purple one I got out of the bunch. I also gave the Boston fern a haircut. It'll come into the basement in a couple days.

The castor bean has new growth, so I removed all the large leaves hoping to relieve some of the stress of being yanked from the ground.

Osmanthus fragrans is blooming all over the yard. They really put on quite the olfactory show after it rains.

I have to admit, I told a lie. I thought I had lost all my ginkgo seedlings. Apparently, several seeds germinated over the summer under one of the hostas I planted at the end of the driveway. I've marked them with a stake so I can keep an eye on them next spring.

It's a beautiful day with clear skies and leaves still falling from the oaks in the backyard. It's 55 degrees. The high today should reach the mid 60s.


IlonaGarden said...

I like your pictures and the feelings they evoke. Very in tune with your tagline.

Kathy said...

Weeds like to perpetrate as anything but that... pretty good? I would say that the difference between weeds and wildflowers is perspective.

compost in my shoe said...

Sometimes when its color, I give it time in the spotlight!

Jimmy said...

do you want me to mail you some flowering weeds?
Dayflower and Dandelion go fabulous together.

Nell Jean said...

It's just so hard not to pot up everything that I know will die when it frosts, even though there are cuttings already in and seeds in envelopes. I have a pink begonia that looks a lot like yours and a white one, that just cries out to be potted up along with some pineapple sage as if I didn't have rooted cuttings already.

We are expecting rain sometime tomorrow and I sense cold coming. I have to throw seeds in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Funny your hyacinths are sprouting, ours did the same thing last November. They actually bloomed during December.

You have to love the weather around here.

Cheryl Anne said...

My daffodils are sprouting here in Virginia. And like you, we haven't had a real frost yet. I'm perplexed. So, apparently, are the daffs.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks for the compliments, Ilona. Welcome.

Kathy, I have lots of weeds that I let bloom. They might detract in some beds, but my style allows them.

Compost, it's nice to have color in the yard this time of year that's not orange or yellow.

Jim, I have plenty. Thanks! There's a clump of blue dayflower in the front yard that I've been trying to remove since I bought this house. The seeds are viable for 7-10 years.

Nell, we understand each other. I hate letting things die, but I just don't have room for any more plants inside.

Chad/Brandy, NC is such an odd gardening zone. We have short winters and can still grow peonies. You've got to love that. :)

Cheryl, I have daffs popping up here too. They were blooming in December last year. Looks like the garden won't have a sleeping period again this year.