Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's 34 degrees this morning. There was no frost in the yard or on Larry's roof. Last night, while the outside temperature was 41, the fire in the basement stove kept the house a balmy 69 degrees for several hours. The electric heat was set to kick on at 62. It's 66 inside this morning. The basement is still warmer than the upstairs. A high today of 69 should warm things up inside.

Out in the yard, the impatiens and coleus are counting the days.

It's Sunday.

I've got 4 broken bags of mulch on the truck that I'll spread Monday morning in the front bed under the dining room window. There are two broken bags of dirt on the truck too. I'll bring them inside. I'll probably rake and collect more leaves from the yard. On Tuesday, my day off, I'm trying to arrange it so that I can get a couple loads of horse poo from a coworker to spread on the veggie beds. Ashes from the wood stove will be mixed in to reduce the acidity in the soil.

12:27pm - They lied. It's already 70 degrees with a new high of 84 for today. It feels like summer.


L. D. said...

It is going to happen whether we are ready for it or not. I had work to do outside Saturday at 70 degrees, but didn't so Monday I will be out there in 50 degrees, and that will be it. I will mow and mulch leaves after they have dried out a little more.

Unknown said...

The containers look so great; it's such a shame knowing their days are limited.....