Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I think it was June...

The last time I remember it raining like this, the calendar was stuck on June. It's been a long time since we've had significant amounts of rain that lasted for more than an hour or two. I will not complain. I will not complain. I will not com... AGHHHH! The basement is flooded. It happens every time it rains like this. Somewhere along the way, the concrete block walls have separated from the concrete floor. Water seeps in and eventually forms a puddle in the middle of the floor. There's a drain that sometimes works, but it's not in the lowest spot of the floor. I keep reminding myself that I need to waterproof the walls and floors. It's just a project that's not very sexy or appealing to me. I'll build a fire soon to remove the excess humidity.

I recorded this before it was daylight, about 5am.

Since yesterday, we've been under a flash flood watch and wind advisory. We've received 3 inches of rain according to my rain gauge. The forecast now calls for rain into Friday morning. It's coming down in buckets now.

It's 55 degrees. The high today should drop to 53. How does that work exactly?

I'm planning to pot the remaining brug cuttings and hopefully see some roots on my passionvine and pineapple sage. Nothing in the cloner has produced any roots yet. I'm thinking it has to do with the season. Work tonight, off again tomorrow. Maybe I'll do something in the kitchen on Thursday. Maybe I'll just spend the day staring out the window like Tuesday. It was a great nap though.

Thanks again to Trevor for the new banner. I changed the colors as well to match the season.


Unknown said...

We feel your pain in ATL....I'm spending my morning sucking up the water that seeps under the wall in my garage!

Love the new banner!

Anonymous said...

Tom - Thanks for the recording of the rain. I listened with my eyes closed and could almost feel a damp chill in the air (yes, a fire in the fireplace would be ever so nice) and almost smell the wet leaves and the good earth. Have a good day!
- Daisy in the AZ desert

Shannon said...

Hello Tom, great blog! I stumbled here from the have a lot of great information! We are getting hit by the same weather system, I am so not ready for these dreary days ahead...