Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I miss my shadow

It's another dreary, cloudy day here in NC. Overnight, it rained again. It wasn't much, but the ground that was soggy is now fully wet. Walking across the lawn leaves depressions. On the other hand, we're less than a month away from reversing the tilt into winter. Solstice will be here before we know it. The last of the fall color in the backyard is gone. The only remnants are the leaves covering everything that stands still.

Not everything is so bleak. Morning glories in the wild are still blooming. This one has entangled itself with the elaeagnus.

The orange rose is still blooming too.

These buds probably won't open with frost in the forecast for Friday night.

Up the street, Calycanthus floridus is still green and golden. I have several of these planted in the shrub island that I wintersowed last year. The largest one is about a foot tall.

Sweet gums are still dark red. I should try to locate some seed pods for the gully when I go home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. They grow all over the place at my parents' house.

Speaking of the parents', my mom wants two Leyland Cypresses for her yard. I planted these along the fence earlier in the spring. They need to be moved, so I'm taking them to her. Tomorrow is also her birthday. I bet she thinks I forgot.

Miss Huff (probably not) is lonely without Yvonne's salvia. With so many unripened seeds on the Salvia, I cut it down this morning and brought the flowers into the basement to dry. I won't trade seeds from this batch, in case they aren't viable.

Cold weather is on the way. I need to find a day to get out back and collect more firewood. There's plenty to be had. I just need to split it with the gas powered log splitter. Waiting for a cold day. Things that slither could still be moving under all that greenery.

For all of 5 seconds, the sun tried to peek through the heavy clouds. Then it disappeared. If the forecast is right, we should see some sunlight before it sets tonight.


Anonymous said...

Why, you've got lots of colour left in your garden! Isn't it nice to know that the days will soon start to get longer again? Of course, it seems a long process throughout the winter, but before you know it, we'll all be moaning about how much work we need to do to get ready for another season. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Randy Emmitt said...

It is not so dreary outside. In our garden less than 100 miles from you we have two camellias blooming, 3 kinds of zinnias, lots of nasturtium, pansies, johnny jump ups, cosmos, scraps of Miss Huff lantana and Rosebud Salvia. I expect that we'll have flowers in bloom all winter. If I can swing it this weekend a trip to Camellia Forest in Carrboro for a few more camellias.

Randy Emmitt said...

When it is this cold you chances of finding an actively aggressive snake in that wood pile is pretty darn slim. Just in from checking our roof tins set out in the woods for snakes, nothing...

Darla said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. Have a great Thanksgiving and we are expecting cold temps here this weekend 30's and 60's!

LeSan said...

I agree you have some gorgeous colors still in your garden. Well done.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to your mother. I hope you have a lovely and wonderful holiday!
Now take some time to rest. heheh