Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chilly morning.

It's 36 degrees and sunny. The high today should reach the mid 60s. I've got a full day planned, of course. I'll start with a load of laundry, installing the two fence panels along the end of the driveway, and moving some more firewood. What else gets done, who knows. I'm just happy to see sunlight.

9:59am - Laundry has been started, coffee has been consumed, the fence panels and copper rods are finished. I'm not sure I like the offset heights of the fence, but the ground slopes quite a bit along this end of the driveway. I'll live with it a while before I make a decision to do any adjustments.

I don't plan to buy any more panels at this point. Instead, I want to increase my evergreen plantings where the pineapple sage currently resides. I remember vaguely planting the sage here to get an idea about enclosure with plantings rather than fencing. I like the effect, but need evergreens or at least shrubs.

12:12pm - After a quick trip to the supermarket, I returned home ready to focus on the basement. I have piles of materials in the back corner that need to be gone. The fence panels were one big issue. I also have leftover wood from the removal of my kitchen cabinets. What to do? Birdhouses!

With all the painted surfaces are on the exterior, I rather like the patterns that came out from not paying attention.

I modeled them on the only other birdhouse I had ever built. I had a family of Bluebirds in there this spring. I hope to increase residency in the yard.

It's never smelled this great!


Nell Jean said...

Google for information in spacing bluebird houses; they are very territorial, I've read.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Crap. Anyone need any bluebird houses? They apparently claim territories 2-3 acres in size.

Unknown said...

I hung bluebird houses in all of the wrong ways, according to those who profess to know about such things. I had three filled houses this summer, so I've decided to stop listening to the "authorities."

The pineapple sage is beautiful with the new fence!

Anonymous said...

Tom, great looking fence and gate entry, and great price to boot.

gld said...

I agree with Tim. Even if you don't get birds, they will weather and add a real decorative touch to the garden.

BTW, your pictures and talking about Mr. Lincoln have settled it for me. I am getting one next spring! Surely I can take care of one hybrid tea.

Love the new fencing.

Chloe m said...

Your fencing looks grand. I think I have an obsession with fences and rock walls. oh my.
I still can't get bluebirds to come to my houses. I think the holes are too large! I wil try again.