Friday, April 17, 2009

Frost warning

Last night about 9pm, a frost warning popped up on Accuweather. That's the firefox browser plug-in that I use. This morning, there's no sign of frost on the houses nearby, nor on my truck, nor anywhere that I can see. It could still form, but the chances are slim. My window mounted thermometer reads 48 degrees. Accuweather tells me it's 34 and sunny. I think someone is lying.

Yesterday I planted 6 white azaleas in the backyard. Three went into the rear beds near the Fragrant tea olives. The other three went behind the white bed. The three near the house should reach a size of about 3' x 3'. The three along the edge of the woods will reach 6' x 6'. That should give me a nice border for that bed. Cheap plants are great. $2 each for the azaleas in 1 gallon pots.

I did splurge a bit on the semi-dwarf cherry tree I purchased. I got a self-fertile variety named Montmorency Cherry. It's hardy to zone 7, but the Arbor Day map shows I am in zone 8. The USDA map shows us in zone 7b. We'll see how it performs next winter. It needs 700 chill hours to produce. It's beginning to bloom now. I doubt cherries will develop this year.

I also bought 3 more six packs of white petunias for the back beds. The plan is coming together. My kongmansia (brug) that I lost over the winter is being replaced next week. Two cuttings both rooted, but slowly died. It will be planted somewhere in the white beds. The blooms of this brugmansia should be about 18-24" long and as round as the average man's head. This time I'll be getting a plant instead of cuttings.

I also moved one of my pampas grass clumps. I'll replace it with my rooted fig tree cuttings in a few more weeks. It came out easily. I placed it in the backyard along the edge of the woods to hide the compost bin area. I might divide it this fall to create a larger screen, sooner.

No work planned for the yard today, though I might crank the lawnmower before heading to work at noon. I spent the evening in my chair in the backyard. A bobwhite was perched in the redbud tree. Doves were enjoying the fresh water in the bird bath. Robins are chasing things all over the ground. Even Daomai ventured outside for a few minutes. There was no sign of the owls.

11:03am - Lunch! It's 55 degrees and sunny. I planted the 18 petunias along the rear bed of the house. I planted out some more sunflowers in the cherry tomato bed. I planted out white and green zinnias in the white bed. And I gave everything a good long drink of water from the hose. Only the baby seedlings need water. Those plants that were put out in January and February aren't thirsty at all. I hope once my beds fill out, there won't be a need to water as much as I have in the past. More rain is forecast for Sunday, so I may try to fertilize a bit before then. I'm tempted to sow my corn and beans on Saturday, but I'm trying to wait until the 25th when the almanac tells me it's a better time. Patience, caterpillar.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I am keeping up with the weather via your blog. I am at the Outer Banks this week. I am wondering what is blooming in my yard or if things have died without me for a week. I will be back Saturday and I am sure there will be lots to do when next week. A week without Lowes is not a good week. Looking forward to see what you have marked down. Love that section.
I had hail the size of golf balls the night before I left so I don't know if there was damaged or not. I did notice that the umberall had holes in it from the hail.

Rebecca in Mt. Pleasant

Jeff Vandiver said...

Yeah....I think someone at accuweather is playing a sick joke or something.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I did see some frost this morning when I drove to meet a friend. I was bringing her cherry tomatoes that I didn't need. It was on the outskirts of town on the north side of the roofs. Very light frost, but still it was frost. Nothing seems to have landed in my yard. The large trees probably helped. In any case, I doubt there will be any more chances of frost from here on out.

Rebecca, let me know if you are still interested in free plants. I have some things I just don't have an urge to plant out. Nothing common, really, but I'd rather they go to a good home than be tossed. I'll probably have some extra zinnias too. About to head outside to sort what is what and plant a few dozen out.

F Cameron said...

We had FROST here this morning! Last night, I covered the pots of annuals, threw a nursery tarp over the Japanese maple and a newly planted bed in the cottage garden. I left the KO roses on their own.

Before the sun hit the garden, I was out there with the hose washing frost off all the roses and the rest of the garden. The trick is to wash it off before the sun hits the frost and burns the leaves.

Maybe we're over the frosty season until autumn!


Anonymous said...

I would love the plants. I don't like to see any plants get tossed. Just let me know.
I am back at home now.
Thanks for remembering me.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Just email me and I can let you know what I have left. I'll be figuring it all out this week. I should know by Wednesday evening what's left. I have lots of perennials and will probably have some zinnia as well. Maybe. LOL. Lots of perennials for sure.

Link at the bottom for contacting me.