Saturday, April 4, 2009

Early Morning

It's my favorite time of the day. The sky is just beginning to break with color. The birds are singing full force. I can hear squirrels chattering in the trees around the yard. Somewhere in the distance, a dog has been barking for almost an hour. Most people are still asleep on a Saturday morning. The only sounds are the critters.

It's 37 degrees and clear. Another beautiful day is on tap with temperatures in the mid 70s expected. The garden center will be busy. The hardy palms arrived yesterday. They need to find a home. Caladiums and shasta daisies were delivered too. I hope my helpers got them off the racks and onto the shelves. I'll need to print more price signage. And tables will need to be condensed and organized for the plants set to arrive Sunday evening.

But for now, it's just me and my coffee, listening to the world waking up.


Kris said...

Know what you mean. Love early morning. Sipping coffee out on the deck (if nice) or in the sunroom watching the sunrise and enjoying a day no one else has walked on yet....

lynn'sgarden said...

Okay, Tom, I envy your sun's cloudy, windy and cold here in central Jersey. I'm getting lots of gardening done...via the internet..haha! Enjoy your day!