Friday, April 10, 2009

Productive Morning

Got to be brief as I am about the leave for work. At the crack of daybreak, I headed outside. All the plants in the hoophouse were moved out and the structure was taken down. It's laying in the basement right now, but I'll put it up for storage in the joists later this evening.

The tomatoes are looking good. Planted out some more indoor grown plants and got a load of leaf mulch from the landfill. Seedlings are filling out too. Now for the pictures.

Pink Knockout Rose I picked up yesterday. The benefits of unloading trucks are unimaginable.

Yvonne's Salvia


More wintersown containers to empty.

More cuttings and seedlings to plant out.

Pineapple sage along the driveway bed.

The driveway bed is done. Bamboo will become teepee trellises.

Blue Spires Salvia rooted from overwintered cuttings planted in the front bed.

Lantana in the front bed on the slope.

Wintersown Artemesia planted in the same bed.

Hoophouse seedlings.


Look at those roots.

Leaf mulch where the hoophouse was.

Good black stuff. I'll till it in tomorrow.

Peas are up and growing.

The White Bed is done too.

That's all I got done this morning. Another hour and I would have gotten wood mulch for the driveway bed. The landfill is closed Saturday because of Easter, so I hope to have some time next week to get that done. Off to work now for a very long day. 22 racks of flowers and assorted plants should be delivered before 4pm.

1:56pm - lunchtime. 64 degrees and light rain. Thunderstorms are in the forecast. It should taper off this evening and move out by morning. The garden center is jumping today. Half the store is out there working. It's our busiest weekend all year.


glenda (gldno1) said...

You got a lot accomplished. Good for you.

It wouldn't do for me to work in a garden center or greenhouse; I want everything I see!

What are your plans for all the tomatoes?

Heather said...

Holy Smokes, you are a busy one! I am now ready to go back to bed and rest just looking at all you accomplished. But, I better get outside and work on my projects too!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wow that is a lot!!!! Do you get first dibs on the plants you unload.
This post is why I linked you to my post today :)

Dirt Princess said...

I cannot get many seeds you have!!!!! Its unreal. You could start a nursery in your back yard!!! Amazing! I can't wait to follow them to maturity

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Glenda, most of the tomatoes are for my garden. I want to freeze and/or can a lot this year for the winter. I can't eat store bought tomatoes in December. It's not right what they try to sell us.

Heather, it's not that much really. I just move a lot faster after a few cups of coffee.

Catherine, I get first choice of everything I unload. There are really no rules. I just grab one and set it aside. I was waiting for the pink knockouts. Now I have yellow, red, and pink.

DP, All of my beds were brand new last year. I have nothing in some of them still. These plants and seedlings will also be shared with my sister and any other unwilling people I might encounter. :)

Jeff Vandiver said...

Tom - great looking tomatoes....

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks EG. That hoophouse was the key to success this year. It was up in the 90s most days when it was only 50 in the basement. I'm going to try getting them planted out on Saturday.