Saturday, April 18, 2009

Waiting for Petunia

For three days now, I have been waiting for my first wintersown petunia bloom. As of this morning, it's still not open. These seeds were collected from a pink, trailing variety similar to the wave petunia. It's not pink, as you can see.

Purple is the dominant color for petunia seedlings. I'm glad I bought a few other colors and didn't depend on my "white" ones from wintersowing for the white beds. Those in the cloner are putting out roots. I should be able to create 20 new plants each week without much trouble. Once those in the cloner are done, I need to clean and refill the holding tank. It's been a while, and some gunk has collected in the bottom. I hope to do that on Monday.

Today's chores including mowing the yard and edging with the weed whacker. I may try to get some zinnias planted out in the perennial bed. Or, I might just sit here with my coffee contemplating how my thermometer currently reads 48 degrees and Accuweather tells me it's 37.

10:49am - Planted out 10 asparagus crowns given to me by a fellow wintersower from GardenWeb. Planted out a few petunias, some glomphera(?) (white), and allysum. Pruned a few things, set up the bamboo teepee for the peas I sowed last month, and got the cucumber trellis mounted to two pieces of pipe I had laying in the basement. I'm going to buy cucumber seedlings. Mine are starting to commit suicide. No idea what the problem is, I've never had issues with them before. I'll pick up a 6 pack today from the store. I'll get a couple cayenne pepper plants too. If there's eggplant, maybe one of those as well. 63 degrees and sunny. Another nice day.


MILLIE said...

Maybe they are both right. Maybe one is wrong. Maybe it is microclimate. Maybee..? LOL

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I have a feeling my thermometer is right for my yard. It's on a window of a brick house. So it probably stays a lot warmer than the thermometer at the airport several miles from here.