Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I went home to the parents' house today. I took and planted many perennials and annuals in my sister's flower bed. My mom isn't a flower person, though she did mention something about hanging baskets. I have a few to spare in the basement. I'll see what I can whip up for her before Mother's Day.

I took a walk through the woods before I left. I found 4 small dogwoods. I dug them up and brought them back with me. I know it's a bad time to transplant these, but I'm thinking with enough shade and moisture, I can nurse them along till fall when I can plant them out. I also found two small yucca plants.

In exchange for planting the bed, I had to dig up some irises that haven't been divided for a long time. I brought back a few.

It's sunny and 63 degrees. Sunday's picture added to the Sunday Ritual.

My favorite part of this garden so far is on the street side of the trellis. Here I have a couple of hibiscus, some shasta daisies that should bloom this year, some Black Eyed Susans, and a few other things. The driveway has been lined with seedlings from my wintersown petunias. So far, all the plants are a deep dark purple. I may need to purchase a couple of six packs if we get any reds in the store.

I'm exhausted as usual. Planning to spend this evening catching up on some rest. I did manage to get the tomatoes set in their locations, but not planted out. Maybe Monday after work I can get this done although rain is in the forecast, again.


Anonymous said...

Tom - I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures. You have made tremendous progress over the months I've been visiting here. Thanks for sharing.
- Daisy in AZ

Heather said...

Looks to me like your Easter was chalk full of busy things to do!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It looks so bright and sunny. I remember seeing pictures of that garden weeks ago and it's just amazing to see how fast it's changing. Have fun planting tomorrow.

Laura said...

I agree with Catherine- that garden is changing fast! I think the Dogwood will be fine.

Tomatoes already? It's going to be another 4-6 weeks before I can put mine out!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

The dogwoods are doing okay. Two of them have perked back up completely. Two look really sad. Even if I only get one, I'll be happy. I did rip them out of the ground after all.

Yep, tomatoes are in as of today. :)