Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wild

Just to show what's growing "back there".

This is the area where I found the pink rose I planted by the front door.

Looking back

Leatherleaf Mahonia

Ivy, vinca major, and other things slither along the ground back here.

An old patio table and chair next to the flowering quince.

Ditch lilies. These now inhabit the daylily bed and the perennial area.

Another mahonia and a 7' tall camellia behind it.

A forest of tiny maples.

The "sky" from here.

The gully.

towards the street

Gulfstream Nandinas.

Hardy Orange. Poncirus trifoliata

A butchered Mock Orange.

More Nandina.

Even boxwoods.

I need to turn my attention to the front of the house now. The gardens are almost done aside from tending. I need to start thinking about replacing the brick and covered porch with something more in keeping with the style of the house and yard. I'm leaning towards a trellis and large rails with wood stairs. It would be simple to build after all the brick is removed. I'd even have the materials for my firepit.

I'm almost ashamed to show that picture. I'm heading back outside. 57, sunny, and windy.


Laura said...

Everything looks so green- not like here. We're still waiting for most of the shrubs and trees to leaf out. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will happen in time!

Thanks for the pictures of 'The Wild' today!

lynn'sgarden said...

Tom, boy you have alot of nice shrubs in the wild. I really like the nandinas. But the out! Your entrance way will be quite an undertaking but it will look wonderful..hope you can recycle those bricks!

Dirt Princess said...

Never have any SHAME! Your garden and house are great! I cannot believe all the plants you have growing back in the "wild" area. Lots to dig up and move

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed that visit to the "wilder" side.

I posted a picture of one of my amsonias today, and then later saw the montanae (sp?) was up enough to take a picture of. Have you posted a picture of what you think is amsonia?