Thursday, April 2, 2009


Day 2 of rainy dreary weather. The sun did peek out a little on Wednesday afternoon, but it didn't hang around long. It's 59 degrees and showers are in the forecast for the entire day. It should clear out on Friday evening. The weekend is shaping up to be beautiful. I hope to find an hour or two to plant out the tomatoes.

Pictures from yesterday.

The trees out back are leafing out. If not for the rain, the pollen would be unbearable.

The tomatoes in the hoophouse are still growing.

Seeds sown nearly two weeks ago are sprouting.

The datura inoxia that I started from seed on December 23 has been planted by the garage door. I stripped off the larger leaves to protect it from the sun, which hasn't been an issue the past few days. New leaves and branches are forming.

Back to work on the project downstairs. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I say I want to stop doing this, I get another call for another model? This one is for a house in California. Right now it's just a price quote. We'll see what the homeowner says. I'm not going to lowball it. I'd prefer not to do it at all.

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Kris said...

Now THAT's a nice smile! :-D

Y'know, Tom, pretty soon we won't be able to tell which of your pics are the tomatoes and which are the trees...!