Saturday, April 11, 2009

My plans have been doused.

It rained yesterday. We were supposed to get some scattered thunderstorms in the evening, but it rained. And then it rained some more. Last night, just as I was settling into bed for an hour of tv, it rained again. And again. And again. Needless to say, the leaf mulch and the garden bed is way too wet for tilling today.

I have to work today, but I have a couple hours to get a few things done. First, I want to clean up the mess I left in the driveway. I need to do something with the hoophouse in the basement. I'd like to plant out my wintersown petunias along the edge of the perennial bed. That depends on whether or not the soil is too wet there. A little hole, a spoon sized scoop of seedlings, and some tamping down is all I need to do. Maybe they'll appreciate the extra moisture.

One thing is for sure. My body is not appreciating all this work and gardening today. The only spot that doesn't hurt is the tip of my index finger and the lobe of my left ear. Every other part of my body just aches. Once I get moving, I'll be fine. If I get moving is a better way of putting it. For now, there's a cup of coffee that needs some attention.

It's sunny and 55 degrees. High today will be in the mid 70s again.

10:48am - 61 degrees and sunny. Got some more things done today before work.

Planted 12 begonias, a white brugmansia, a rooted gardenia cutting, and a rooted osmanthus fragrans cutting (the only one to survive the winter) under the dining room window.

18 Carolina Cherry Laurels were transplanted into cups.

20 Cornus florida (flowering dogwood) seedlings were transplanted into cups. Each cup contains 2-3 seedlings.

Potted the two passionvines with a trellis.

Overwintered cutting of a red mandevilla is in a cheap hanging basket by the basement door.

Planted three more white brugs in the back beds.

And I noticed my tomatoes have bloom buds.

I also planted out a pan of mixed zinnias, petunias, rock soapwort, and a few others. Off to work in a bit. Long day. Tomorrow I will spend the day at my parents'.


Kris said...

As SOMEone from your location pointed out, the body gets used to it... ;-D

May as well plant out the petunias. If that part of the bed is prone to getting that wet, you'll know soon enough if they can take that kind of moisture. Here, my pets seem to like a tad dryer location. Otherwise they mildew.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I planted them out. And yes, you do get used to it. It's all the walking at the store that's really wearing me down. Hard concrete and wet surfaces. I need better sneakers.

MILLIE said...

Rain is good sometimes, even when it seems to come at the wrong time. It's worse not to have it. need better sneakers! I've worked in and with people in gardening stores and GH. The only thing that will keep you going is your enthusiasm for what you do and your enthusiasm for sharing your love of green growing things.
I think I'm going to have a better vegetable garden this year, just because I'm blogging about it.