Friday, April 24, 2009

Can I complain about the heat now?

90 degrees? Already? What happened to spring?

Actually, it's been a very nice spring. We've had two months of near perfect weather. There have been some chilly days, and some really warm days. But overall, I can't complain. The wintersown plants aren't even wilting. They were planted early and have gotten their roots in the ground. The container purchased plants are a different story. Everything needs water this morning to survive the heat. Hopefully, they'll catch up with the root production as the ground warms up. I don't care to spend all summer watering plants again.

Today, One load of wood mulch from the landfill to top off the driveway bed. One load of leaf mulch to use here and there in the garden. I'll toss it out by the compost bin out back and let it compost there over the summer. At 1pm, I have to head to the elementary school to have my photo taken with the kids that built the garden using plants I selected. I showed them how to plant everything and they went gung ho. Even the sunflowers have sprouted, they tell me. After that, I have some housework chores to complete. Who wants to work inside when the weather is so great?

More coffee and a shower first.

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