Thursday, March 25, 2010

Around the Block.

*Warning. This post contains more images than normal.

The morning started with me in my own backyard. I cut the grass. I edged. I weeded a bit. There's only so much a person can do in his own space. I've been meaning to take a walk down Pee Dee Avenue to take photos of all the camellias that have been blooming for weeks. On my way home from somewhere yesterday, I drove down a different street. I just had to go back today for pictures.

Out back, the Thundercloud Plum is beginning to bud. Last year, there were blooms already. We're about a week behind.

The Morris Plum is coming along nicely too.

The Belle of Georgia peach has them all outpaced.

Even the lilac is starting to bud.

It wasn't long before I was out of things to look at. I've walked every inch of ground in the past couple of weeks looking for new things to show. Across the street, I remember there were some camellias. I had never investigated closely, so I made mental notes to go back for cuttings in May.

I'm really looking forward to adding this one to my backyard.

Looks like someone else has already beaten me to the punch. I'm sure this hedge of camellias is well over 20 years old. It's hard to judge the age of these plants by their size.

Heading out this afternoon, I stopped to take a closer look at this one by the street. It turned out to be just the same red one I have in my yard.

A block or two later, I spotted this one.

It is NOT like the one I have in my yard, yet. I'm so glad these plants overhang the sidewalks. I'll be sure the next time I take a walk, there's a set of pruners in my pocket.

Just look at that.

This one stopped me dead in my tracks. It's not a camellia. These are crabapples. I wonder how hard they are to root?

Forsythia makes a nice hedge, even in the shade.

At the corner, I made a turn and headed towards Pee Dee Avenue. There's a vacant lot here just stuffed with all kinds of daffodils.

Across the street, I was getting evil stares through leaded glass windows. I wanted to tell her I was just taking pictures of pretty things on her street, like this Saucer Magnolia. I stuck three cuttings in the backyard last week. I can't say where I got them.

I guess these also come in Giant Size.

Where 9th Street intersect with Pee Dee, someone planted a camellia that makes me drool. It's a huge specimen.

The flowers aren't very large, but they come in clusters of 2 and 3. Again, thanks for planting it so close to the sidewalk.

Just a bit further, there's a cemetery. I still see people being buried there every now and then. Too bad no one is around to enjoy the forsythia.

The Snuggs family has their own camellia too.

Not quite red, but not really pink, I love the way the blooms unfold. It's also on the list.

You spend a lot of time looking down in a cemetery. Under the canopy of trees, there's violets.

Up above, Cherry blossoms. I could have stayed here all day.

I love the tight clusters of blooms on these trees. I wonder if they make a dwarf version? I could line the driveway.

On my own street, I had to really search for things to enjoy. It's an ugly street, a one-way street, almost an alley. But behind the rental house on the corner, I found this clear white camellia. Yep. It's on the list.

Back home, I'm still taking a break from gardening or housework. I needed this break. I'll be ready to do something soon. My wintersown babies are just starting to wake up after a long cold winter. Spring has finally arrived in my town.


Darla said...

Vibrant colors around your town...keep those pruners hidden, lol.

tina said...

I'd like that camellia in my garden too. Word of warning on crabapples, I think if I were to add more to my garden then I'd surely buy a newer cultivar, one that hopefully does not send up suckers. They can be a pain.

The Gaudy Garden said...


NellJean said...

You found lots of pretties on your walk. I hope all your cuttings take.

That frilly red camellia looks a lot like 'Professor Sargeant' also called 'Christmas Carnation' because it starts to bloom at Christmastime. It was my MIL's fav. DH managed to kill both of them by getting the notion to move them. I've never replaced them. Yet.

L. D. Burgus said...

It is such a great collection of sights. The crabapple will grow like a weed. The camellias are so great. I bet you had a great time taking all those shots on Pee Dee Avenue. Thanks for sharing them.

Dar said...

The peach blossoms are wonderful...are they fragrant? We are too cold for them to survive a winter in north WI. also, I see you got a couple of warnings about the crabapple...see if the one your neighbor has is throwing suckers...if so, ask to dig one up if you must have one, and it will flourish or should I say, over-flourish like a lilac sucker. Good luck with all of your cuttings.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

So Tim, I guess you're saying the crabapples should root just fine?

I don't think the people that bought that house in front of them expected this. All last year, they were just green leafed trees. This year, the show is spectacular. I don't remember it last year. Maybe I missed driving this street for a few weeks. I rarely take the long way home.

That red camellia was blooming at Christmas. I'll need to remember in the fall, to get a few pictures of the C. sasanquas when they bloom. I saw plenty of them today, "boring" evergreen shrubs. ;)

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Ugh...Tina, not Tim. Sheesh. Blame the wine. ;)