Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Rainy Night in Georgia

It's coming. I'll move the overwintered plants outside again this morning. They should enjoy the rain after several months of tap water.

I went back downstairs last night and sowed more seeds. I've done petunias, marigolds, Pride of Barbados, Pineapple sage, Coral Nymph, and others I can't recall right now. I'm going to sort through the seed box this morning for direct sowing candidates. I still have lots of rudbeckia seeds, butterfly bush seeds, tons of cosmos and zinnias. Those last two will need to wait until mid April, but the rudbeckia can go out now. I'll scatter them here and there where soil is actually showing, mostly in the perennial bed.

It's 52 degrees. The high today should reach the mid 60s again. Yesterday, we hit 72. Rain in the forecast for the next 4 days with the heaviest coming on Thursday.

- Maybe it was just the exhaustion of yesterday, but I got the urge to get some things done before work this morning. Adding to the already trashy nature of the yard, I set up another rack for my annuals. I only need this for about 5 weeks. After that, the hoophouse, the racks, everything will disappear into the garage leaving only flowers and blooms. I can't wait. I hate this part. Maybe I should try to scrounge lumber for free to build a greenhouse this fall.

The seeds I sowed last night.

Covered in plastic, the rain shouldn't disturb the seeds too much. It'll also provide some warmth when the sun returns next week. There are slits in the plastic allowing air and rain to reach the seedlings.

The plant rack is back outside. I hope I can leave it out for a few days. The overnight lows should be in the 50s this week through Sunday. On the top shelf are eight containers of calla lilies I got for a quarter a piece. They were part of the Valentine's Day promotion at work. My boss made me a deal.

I finally potted up the nine pussywillows. Two are red or black, I'm not sure. Seven are giant white. They will eventually be planted along the stream in the gully, providing some quick cover for the birds that like to bathe and drink there. The cats have been roaming that area too often lately.

I'm off to work now. It's 52 and cloudy. Sprinkles of rain have come and gone this morning.


Darla said...

It's on it's way through here....going to be setting out bricks around my garden today....

Anonymous said...

I envy you those temperatures, but a snow/rain mix is on its way here, too. *9* days til Spring!

L. D. Burgus said...

My neighbor cut down this giant pussywillow bush for no reason other than he had to mow around it. I didn't get any starts from it but I will find one in town somewhere.

sweet bay said...

I don't know if I'm glad or sad about the coming rain. It was just starting to dry out here!

What a lot you have going on. I start the bulk of my seed starting operations the first of April. What needs stratifying is in the fridge.

Cameron said...

The rains are on the way, but nothing yet up here. You've got enough seeds and cuttings to start your own nursery. When's your garden/yard sale?

Michelle said...

I just love seeing all your seed sowing! Wonderful.

We are going to Savannah at the end of the month for a weekend. Do you think things will be blooming?