Monday, March 15, 2010


I mowed the yard for the first time this year. There really wasn't much mowing to be done, but I wanted to mulch up some leaves and chop the wild onions growing all over the place. I'm not a grass freak. Whatever grows is welcome. The clover is taking over in some areas. Eventually the bermuda grass chokes it out.

In some places, I'm very nervous about mowing. After last year's accident with the hateful lawnmower, I tend to stay away from certain areas. Here's the "path" near the swing in the back yard. All the rain has washed away what little soil was there exposing hundreds of new potential accidents. I'll get out there soon and rake again, just to remove the lose ones.

It was a nice, cool day. We did reach 62, but it never felt like it. The wind has been blowing most of the afternoon making it comfortable in just a light longsleeved shirt.

Across the street, the forsythia is really showing off.

Pineapple sage, sown only a few days ago, has germinated. I found more seedlings at the end of the driveway where my plants were last year. I thought it would be a reseeder.

And the figs in the cloner...You're doing it wrong. The roots are on top with nothing below. I've been given advice to just lay them on moist soil and keep them humid. They should continue to root.

Finally, my own haircut. It's the best picture of the whole lot. The rest made me look like a serial killer. At least I just look like a stalker here.

It's 57 degrees. The hangover is gone. I'm hungry.


Darla said...

You are a nut Tom!! Cute, but a nut all the same...glad the hangover is gone, seriously the B-complex works like magic when drinking..(I should know) My pineapple sage spreads through runners more than it reseeds..? I dug some up last year and lo and behold I have shoots coming back something!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

My Pineapple sage never returns. It's too cold and wet here, I think. The roots are still out there, but nothing has come back yet. I doubt it will especially after the cold we had this winter. But the seedlings, there is the promise. :)

L. D. Burgus said...

My forsythia will look like that in a few weeks. I don't know why it never blooms well as a neighbor on main street has a couple of bushes the bloom fully and lushly. Mine will be spotty. I guess you can save on shampoo now. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Our forsythia are a few weeks away from bloom just yet, but I'm going to try forcing a few branches, speaking of haircuts. :) By the way, I think yours looks just fine.

The Gaudy Garden said...

who were you drinking with?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, I was drinking alone. I know...shameful. I just wanted some wine and a steak.

The Gaudy Garden said...


NellJean said...

Pineapple sage is so iffy here. I just save a small piece and root more all winter. They root easily. If you have a 2-inch plant in April, it will be full size quickly. I've never seen volunteer seedlings.

The dog and cat are drawn to pineapple and frequently break pieces that I stick in soil. They don't eat it; the only thing in the greenhouse that either of them eat is lemongrass. Did I say that here before?

John Lewallen said...

Tom, that shot of the ground covered in all those rocks looks familiar to me! My home sits where there once was a huge wash from the local mountains. The wash existed for centuries so you better believe my soil is full of rocks. Actually, some places I dig out boulders! Part of the reason I did away with all lawn and grass. Everything is either a walkway, patio, or is planted with perennials, shrubs, trees, or annuals.

FlowerLady said...

LOL ~ Your last paragraph with your picture cracked me up.

When I saw where you mowed and all of those rocks, I thought oh no. Hope you have no mishaps this year, and hope your leg has healed nicely.

Well, at least your figs are rooting.


Laura said...

you look like a hungry, hungover, stalker. geesh!

go to wal-mart and invest in a pair of shin guards. probably in the sporting goods section with the baseball stuff. i knew you wouldn't know that :D

miss your red hair but love your blue eyes