Friday, March 12, 2010

Daylight comes

and I want to go home. For lunch.

The greenery in the meadow really sparkled this morning as I was leaving. The headlights of the truck told me lots of new growth was evident.

The larkspur is really gushing forth. Other seedlings have started to appear.

In the perennial bed, daffodils are making their presence known. I plan to move a lot more to this area in a few weeks. I've got huge clumps in the woods that don't bloom. Each clump will probably net me 25+ bulbs. Planted ages ago by the previous owner.

A dark centered daffodil by the tree has appeared.

The plants are loving the warm weather, cool rain, and overcast skies. The brugs are very happy.

It's 63 degrees and has been drizzling on and off this morning.


Phillip said...

I find it really hard to go to work this time of year.

Darla said...

It great gardening weather in the drizzling rain!

L. D. Burgus said...

Your flowering daffodils are great. It really is early spring there. If and when the snow goes away, I should see stuff coming up. The soil is so saturated from the snow melting that I have seepage in the basement. My own little slow creek from one corner to the other end of the basement to the drain.