Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The View.

I moved daffodils and three red maples. I weeded a bit. I scattered seeds. I will not be scraping paint. It's too nice a day to be on a ladder on the shady side of the house. It will just have to wait.

The over wintering plants have been trundled back outside. The brugs are once again infested by aphids. I found a lizard and encouraged it to have lunch.

I won't be cutting grass either. The only things that need mowing are the onions that continue to grow. Instead, I marveled at the violets on the front slope.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent taking in the view. The hammock is back in place for another season.

It's 70 degrees and sunny.


Anonymous said...

Love the violets -- when I was a little girl, my friends and I used to go on the hunt for violets as soon as the weather turned warm, bringing little nosegays home to our Moms. Those and pussy willows. :)

Love the shot from the hammock.

GardenGoddess said...

I love the violets! I heartily supoport blowing off the paint scraping to enjoy the day in the hammock...a little garden relaxation therapy like May Dreams Gardens suggests!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

So many pretty violets Tom. Looks like the lizard wasn't the only one catching some rays. LOL!

Darla said...

I simply adore the view from your hammock...I mowed for four hours collecting the leaves and spreading them, planted 9 more tomato plants, 9 sweet banana pepper plants, 30 something onions and broadcast some seeds.........a very good day!

sweet bay said...

Great shot from the hammock. :)

I like the way you think, gardening and violet-viewing mostly beats scraping paint and mowing grass.