Thursday, March 18, 2010

70 degrees.

That's what they say we'll hit today. I'll be outside in an hour. It's 45 this morning under cloudy skies.

Thanks to everyone that voted in my poll and those that read the blog. 55 people say they read everyday. I'm astounded. Another 14 read it weekly with six reading occasionally. The one person that never reads it must have stumbled through while google searching. Pride of Barbados brought one person here from google last week. Again, thanks for reading. I never realized I had so many people interested in my little patch of stone and clay.

Today, the potager beds will be rebuilt. Carla will be coming by this evening to pick up the edgers to build a firepit in her yard. I've got to clean the house a bit, and get some laundry started before I head outside.


Darla said...

You better get busy, that's a lot to do in an hour before you can play outside. I'm not surprised at the traffic that comes to this blog, it's so interesting and informative. I read several blogs that I do not comment on. Aren't we headed for the most beautiful weather weekend? Enjoy!

Michelle said...

I missed the poll but I do read several times a week at least. I enjoy your blog because you seem to get so much done! Always gardening, how I wish I was.

sweet bay said...

I hope the sun comes out and it does reach 70 degrees. Wouldn't that be heavenly.

L. D. Burgus said...

You are a hardworking, interesting guy. I can't find a better neighbor to have who creates beauty in his yard and shares his knowledge as a good teacher should. I know that I have followers who never post who are close to me and just want to keep an eye on me. That includes my two sons, who both know more about me through the blog than they do if they just call every couple of months. I am glad you are warming up as that means we will be warming up too.