Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's 61 degrees and still cloudy. I wish the sun would come out on a day that I'm not at the store. Just once.

I started early this morning. The brick edgers that didn't match my aesthetics were removed and loaded onto the truck for delivery this evening.

The landscape timbers Carla traded for the stones were easy to install since most of the digging had already been done. The level says they are. My eyes tell me they aren't.

I transplanted and divided some bee balm and other things. I'm a bit worried. Upon close inspection, I think there are going to be a lot of reseeds. These were taken from two different areas in the garden.

What I claimed were violets are not.

The 6' tall arborvitae that cost me a whole penny has turned green. This one grows to 70' tall and 20' wide. It's going to hide a whole house on the other side of the gully.

Looking back through the ivy, roses, and various undergrowth, you just can see the house from the nice neighbor's yard.

I was over there to get a look at these.

One sad note, I neglected my tomatoes when it rained last week. Then I neglected them when it dropped below 40 degrees. I guess they just weren't ready for the outside world. I'll be sowing them again today in small water bottle containers. There will be a couple of varieties I can't replace since I no longer have seed. But the ones I really want, I've got.

It's only 12:30. I don't know what to do with myself from now til 5 when Carla stops by. Maybe I'll go plant out a few more wintersown containers, after lunch.

3:38pm - That went quick. I resowed my tomatoes and covered them with small water bottle cloches. I planted out a few wintersown containers.

The largest seedlings are of a phlox named Laura.

The fancy daff has bloomed.

I'm going to sit a spell and drink some sweet tea. It's what God made, on the eighth day.


Carla said...

Those are the most artfully arranged soda-bottle cloches I've ever seen. And a level for raised beds? You are hardcore. Love it.

Dar said...

Wishing my zone 3 was your zone 7 today. The sun is shining warm on my back as I rake out a few beds in search of a few green noses poking through. I see only a few such as sweet williams, autumn joy sedum, peppermint, bluebells, daylilies of many colors, iris, pansies, lamb's ear, allium, rhubarb and bee balm...Wow, I have more coming than I realized. Spring is tempting us but we are supposed to get cold and white again this weekend. I'm grateful for hearty perennials.
Have a great gardening day. Oh,
Love your pop bottle mini greenhouses.

FlowerLady said...

Things are sure looking good in your gardens. Sorry about your tomato loss.

It's chilly here and windy, but feels great. I mowed and did some trimming and raking up this morning.

Hope you have a nice afternoon and evening.


Cameron said...

You do so much work!

Aside from watering the seed beds, I took the day off from gardening! I worked all day long yesterday. Tomorrow- back at it again.

L. D. Burgus said...

If it isn't the cold it can be the heat. One year I set my tomato plants out back outside and the day turned hot and windy. I had to start over too. They grow fast so you will be fine.