Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two days off.

The parents are on the way up to help with the plumbing. I'm replacing some supply lines with modern materials. Hopefully it will take only a few hours. It's going to be dirty, non photogenic work. But there should be water in the kitchen when it's done. The sink base will also be installed.

Once the plumbing is done, I'll pull all the cabinets out of the kitchen again and start working on the really nasty stuff - patching all the holes in the walls. I'm expecting it to take days. I also need to decide what to do about the lead paint and textured walls. I'm seriously considering beadboard wainscoting. It's cottagey. It's relatively inexpensive. It doesn't involve a lot of chemical strippers to remove other chemicals.

And then there's the painting that needs to be done, the window trim to scrape and repaint, the ceiling that needs to be patched,'s going to be a long weekend/month.

Outside, it's nearly daylight now. At 64 degrees, there is heavy fog. More rain expected today. That's just shy of 5" since Wednesday afternoon when we got 2.5" in about an hour.

Near the front walk, plantmaven's brug is blooming. It's just over 16" tall.

And Nell's alternanthera is turning.


4:05pm - The water is back on. It's not the prettiest plumbing job ever done, but it is done. And the hot water is on the left with the cold on the right. Finally.

Going to grab a bite to eat then move onto installing another cabinet or two on the window side of the sink. I've got to get the sink reinstalled tonight according to my own schedule. Lowe's closes at 9pm, so I need to get moving.


8:30pm - 4th trip of the day to Lowe's complete, the sink still leaks. It's the drain pipe. I need a rubber adapter. I'll get one Monday. Until then, a bucket will suffice to keep the cabinets pristine.

I'll work on the walls tomorrow. I've got a functioning kitchen.


lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Tom, a big project day but your kitchen will look great so keep that thought when frustrations Can't wait for the reveal!

Brian Morley said...

Tom, I've so enjoyed your blog, and your kitchen is going to be great! I did a number(on my kitchen) at my first house, now- I need to do it to the one I'm in now....BAD. You will feel so good when it's done! Brian

Kris said...

Gosh you are really moving along on the kitchen, Tom! Way to go! But don't you just hate having to 'run out' to get something all the time? That is the worse part of projects as far as I'm concerned. I'll bet your discount is really getting a workout these days. *grin*

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Lynn, you'll have to wait a while. The gift card is used up and I haven't budgeted for the extra expenses yet. I'll see what the next couple months bring me, but right now, you're looking at the countertops. LOL. Though I do know someone with a lot of slate that used to be a church roof here in town. hmmmm...

Brian, thanks for stopping by. You have inspired me. There's a picture on your blog, the wildflower meadow with the mowed path...I love that. I need to find a place to use it next year in my small yard.

Kris, Loss Prevention has already come to me about the amounts of discount and number of returns I've made just this week. Apparently, they didn't notice when I spent over $2k on kitchen cabinets in July. Go figure. At least the store is only 2 miles away.