Saturday, September 5, 2009


Presenting, Lord Baltimore. That's perilla behind him.

Three Elymus arenarius 'Blue Dune' grasses for the front slope. This matches my artemesia and should work well with the lavender.

Speaking of color matching, how about those coleus?

And the coreopsis Moonbeam I got for $1 each to give me blooms along the daylily border all summer. There'll be something else added next year, but I'd rather it not be yellow.

High of 87 today. I'm sunburned from the antibiotics and the late summer sun. No rain, so some things got a drink of water from the hose. In the morning, the sprinkler will be put on the cabbage patch again. Received seeds from a customer today, a solid white hibiscus (mine has a red center) and some milkweeds. She brought me one that's blue. It's gorgeous. Maybe I'll use it instead of forget-me-nots in sunny spots.


Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

I'm out of touch, what is the prognosis on the leg? It looks like the dianthus cuttings took. You are a magician in dirt (so to speak).

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

It got infected. Been on Cipro for nine days. Walking without a crutch, but slowly. Working 8 hours with only minimal soreness. I was always sore after 8 hours on concrete, so it's hard to judge based on stiffness.

I think they did take. I'm afraid to pull on them. I was told I needed 25 days to root them successfully. I splash with water every morning and leave them in dappled sunlight. I hope they take. I found another idea for them. I need more. I might buy some seeds this winter.

Nell Jean said...

I have the same Moonbeam coreopsis with yellow daylilies and yellow roses. They've had white nicotiana alata this summer, but what looked good was some volunteer spiderwort in blue, which I would prefer had been Salvia farinacea. That coreopsis needs something spiky, don't you think?