Tuesday, September 29, 2009


While I was busy working in the kitchen yesterday afternoon, a strong wind kicked up and lasted well into the night. Around 9pm, a very short but potent rain shower came through. The wind died down overnight. Of course it claimed a victim.

I guess it's only natural. I collected my first pineapple salvia seeds from that plant not more than a week ago. I put all 4 in good soil, afternoon sun, and let mother nature do the rest. At least one germinated. Seed to seed.

The brugs in the perennial bed are blooming. Standing in the driveway, being mindful of hummingbirds doing their morning fly-by, it's all you can smell. Even the tea olives are overwhelmed.

While waiting for drywall compound in the kitchen, I outlined the meadow garden. I hope the rain didn't wash away the glysophate I sprayed.

It's 43 degrees this morning. The cat is still on the end of the bed refusing to put her feet on the cold wood floors. She's such a diva.

9:26am - 56 degrees. Scattered seeds in the crape myrtle bed, verbena bonariensis, purple foxglove. Nigella and larkspur was scattered in the perennial bed. I want to scatter poppy seeds, but the package says to sow in late winter in zone 7, Flander's poppies.

Made a new list of items for the meadow bed. Salvia subrotunda, cosmos, agastache, poppies, tickseed.


cat said...

sorry about the sage, but thank the gardening gods you collected seeds...;) sounds like you have been busy! glad you are feeling better...


LeSan said...

Tom, I am new to pinapple sage and you have been my inspiration. I was wondering; the sage was going to die back soon wasn't it? And it should grow back up from the root next year? Mine is just starting to flower and I am hoping that it makes it before the weather totally bails on me. Your's put on a wonderful show this year.

LeSan said...

OK, oops. I didn't mean to be rude though I managed it anyway. I too am sorry about the sage but I am very glad that you got the seeds in the nick of time.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

LeSan, in my zone, this sage is only somewhat hardy. Some say it comes back year after year, others say it dies down with the first frost for good. I took cuttings last year and the two plants I had did not return. I've already taken 6 cuttings from this plant today for the winter. I'll keep them in the basement under lights and use them to create more for next year.

LeSan said...

Thanks Tom for the reply. I didn't know that about the plant. You and I are in the same zone...more or less. I have sort of a micro climate thing going on so it's a gamble most times. I do love this sage though. Just smelling it makes me smile.