Friday, September 18, 2009

Pineapple salvia

Earlier in the summer, I had considered not growing this next year. Now that it's blooming, I cannot imagine not having it. At the end of the driveway, it gives the hummers something to fight about.

The Miscanthus cosmopolitan is blooming at 4' tall. The tag said it should reach a height of 8-10'. Maybe next year.

Another bluish/white morning glory has bloomed. These must be the ones I got from Trevor. The same flower appeared on the chimney. I think I planted one there.

Castor bean seed pods were collected. I've laid them out in the basement to dry.

More rain in the forecast today. It's very cloudy, dark, hazy, and muggy at 66 degrees. Thinking about heading off to Lowe's to pick up the plywood for the kitchen countertops. I'm hoping to get those cut and the sink reinstalled by Sunday evening.

There's so much trash from remodeling projects. There's a huge pile of cardboard in the living room from the boxes the cabinets were shipped in. Looks like the beginnings of a new flowerbed or three.


Jill-O said...

Wow! that salvia is gorgeous.

tina said...

I saw 'Pineapple sage' on Catherine's blog and just had to come and check it out. I love that plant! Mine is only beginning to bloom now. I winter it over with cuttings inside the house and really would not garden without it. It's simply splendid.

I have to really envy you the cardboard boxes. I'm glad you said the 'makings of a new garden'. I use them a lot in my garden here but don't get so many good boxes:(

Sue said...

Wow, having that many plants in bloom is beautiful! My one pineapple sage has not bloomed yet this year, but I've been enjoying iced tea made from pouring almost boiling water over a handful of leaves (still on the stems) and a couple decaf tea bags in a gallon jar. After it steeps around 10 minutes, I fill the jar with cold water and stick it in the refrigerator. I hope it blooms yet.

I need to get caught up to see if you posted kitchen photos. I'm reading from blotanical this evening, so I'll have to check back later. I am almost envious of your boxes to start a new bed with.

I hope your leg is healed.