Sunday, September 20, 2009

Looking Back/Forward

I went looking this morning for an entry I made this spring. I found it, but it wasn't where I thought it would be. We're a day away from the official start of fall, but something about the angle of the sun is different this morning.

It took me a while to realize it's the missing oak tree that has changed the garden. More sun comes through earlier in the day. We had another .5" of rain last night, and the mist hanging in the air was perfect for photographing what's left of the perennial bed this morning. I grabbed my coffee and camera and hit the door.

The castor beans are starting to split and should probably be removed soon. I'll toss them into the gully and hope some seeds germinate next year.

Looking forward, I remembered an idea I had some time ago concerning the perennial bed. I need to expand my path. To the left of the birdbath, I want to move some plants, mulch, and stone. You can see the stepping stones I've been using to get back there.

This area would become a path. On the left is the gully, Rose of Sharon, and lots of privet. On the right, KnockOut Roses and Buddleia (crocosmia and others too).

The path would reconnect at the Yvonne's salvia.

It would create an oblong semi-circular ovalesque bed that I'd be able to walk all the way around. I'll get to that this winter when I can see the bones of the garden better. In the meantime, I've got to start moving more Rose of Sharon seedlings, a couple forsythia I planted back there, and an unknown deciduous shrub that has a red flower in late spring. It's not quince or Sweetshrub.

It's 64 and sunny this morning. It's nice outside. The hummers are protecting their plants. Yesterday, my mom asked where I hung my feeders. I pointed out all their favorite plants. She loved the pineapple salvia. Today's high should be in the upper 70s. More rain in the forecast for the evening. Not even gonna complain.

Today, I start working on the walls in the kitchen. For the first time since Wednesday, I didn't have to drink coffee made on the bathroom sink.


denise said...

you "hope" some of your castor bean seeds germinate???? i started out with 2 plants 3 years ago and now have a castor bean forest each year, plus pull up and toss twice the number of the ones i save. however, if i had space, i would KEEP all the ones i toss. i love this plant!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

That's good to know Denise. I had some not germinate this year. Wasn't sure if it was me, the rain, or the seeds.