Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Plans foiled.

My original plan to stay inside and rest today fell off the radar map about 1 hour after I made the decision. So it should come as no surprise that I moved things today and made plans to move more things later in the fall. I change my mind more than I change my unmentionables.

The potager. It's been done for a while. I was still getting a few cherry tomatoes, but the quality has diminished significantly over the past couple weeks. They leave a dirty aftertaste. I think it's the lack of rain. So I ripped everything out.




Here are my plans, at the moment. Image and items not to scale.

click to embiggen

The vitex has already been moved. I soaked the new hole twice by filling it with water and allowing it to drain. I'll have to water it a few times each week until we get some rain. It simply needed more sun.

Other items that need to be moved later in the year.

The Colorado Blue Spruce and the Magnolia will be moved to the gully where the dead oak tree is now. Once we get it sawed up later this month, I'll have a lot of room for these to giants.

The hibiscus needs to be moved into more sun. The fig will find a new home in the potager, more sun, again.

Still other things on the to do list today. The leg is holding up okay walking up and down the slopes. For a few minutes yesterday, I walked like I had no problems and no limp. Too bad it didn't last.


Darla said...

Don't over do it! Looks like you may have already. I have noticed that veggies do have more of a bitter taste if they do not get ample water....

MissyM said...

We made a couple of raised beds in the back yard this spring and were pleased with them. We've got fall vegs planted in them now.
Your blue spruce is pretty. I tried one some years ago and it died.

Tim said...

You're going to aggravate the leg again! Trust me, those plants will be just fine for a week or so! Enjoy the autumn!

Can't get over the caption, "click to embiggen"......LOL