Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Sunday

A new rudbeckia.

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose. $5.

It's 77 and partly cloudy. It's a nice day. The leg is doing great.


Nell Jean said...

Will you be planting castor beans next year? I didn't plant any this year, but have seed. They look very tropical, I think.

Your Camellia japonica likely is the one with bigger leaves. If one is blooming now, it is probably C. sasanqua. I have some camellias with buds, some not yet.

Glad your leg is healing well. My nephew who dropped the plywood on his toe is healing well, too. I put our emails about his toe on one of my blogs. He's a hoot.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I will be planting castor beans. I like the stark contrast and size they give me. It's a texture thing with them. Plus, they give me hot summer sun shading in the middle of a full sun garden. I can plant more tender perennials around them.

No buds on any of these camellias. The ones that are original to the house are still putting out leaves. Only one bloomed last year.