Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking about the kitchen

I decided this morning to spend some time cleaning and organizing the kitchen. Robert should be coming out next Wednesday afternoon. We'll spend a day and a half getting things ready for the cabinet install. There's electrical and plumbing work to be done as well. Yay.

Before pictures, after the hutch was moved into the little hallway off the kitchen.

I want to take up the floor. Under several layers of linoleum, 1/4" plywood, and some other things I dare not ask about, there are hardwood floors. I know there will be some damage, but I'm curious. I will take a few hours this evening to see if it can be done.

Outside, I planted the 12 clearance ferns on the North side of the house. The last 5 heucheras went in that bed too. Some of the hostas need to be rearranged next spring. I don't like the straight line I made when I planted them.

I also planted the two peonies in the new rose garden.

I watered the entire north side and the front bed. I planted three rooted forsythia in the shrub island.

I pulled everything but Jackie's spirea from the bed next to the basement door. I'm still not happy with that space. I'm thinking gardenias or letting the centipede take it over. No pictures cause I hate it.

I finished planting the Icicle Speedwell and scattered some fresh echinacea seeds from one of my own plants.

I want to do a few more things outside, but I know I shouldn't press my luck. Slowly, I'm getting things planted out. I want to go into winter with only new cuttings in pots and containers.

It's cloudy and 70 degrees. It's a nice day to be outside. It looks like rain. We did have a shower last night. Hardly enough to wet the bottom of the rain gauge, but I guess it still counts. There was a nice storm heading this way from Charlotte a few hours ago. As usual, it petered out just a few miles from here. I watched it on the radar map. Seems that happens a lot in the summer. Must be the lakes and hills.

I'm really starting to like the coleus and impatien bed out front. The tiny wintersown hosta are still tiny.


Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...


scottweberpdx said...

that coleus combo is great

Laura said...

i bet it smells like ol' lady feet under that linoleum like the bathroom did >:|

LOVE the sidewalk bed and the "life" in the creepy place

can't wait to see the kitchen!


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Yall. And yes, Laura. That same smell is there too. Ugh. I know I should take it up, but COME ON!