Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Three. No, Thirty-four.

34 brug blooms are open this morning throughout the yard. The Ecuador whites have put on a stunning display. Last night the whole house smelled of brugs and daturas. I wish now that I had planted them where they could be enjoyed on a more personal level. Next year, of course.

The orange brug in the perennial bed has 3 blooms. One other has one. No yellow brugs have bloomed yet. Not even sure where that one is now.

Along the back of the house, there are 4 Ecuador White. The smallest one has a couple of blooms. The photo came out blurry and I'm too lazy to take another.

In the perennial bed, the Heavenly Blue morning glory on the arbor is finally blooming. Still no blooms on the chimney trellis.

Today's high, 95. 30% chance of rain/storms this evening. Clear, sunny, and 72 this morning. Humidity is already climbing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful plants! Gorgeous blooms. And I do love your little brick house. :-)

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Nancy. It's my first year growing them. I had nearly given up on them blooming, then they put on a show like this. And all along the back of the house too, where no one can see them.

Anonymous said...

Tom - your morning glory is very pretty (I'm not sure I've ever seen a real one, just pictures) and I am fascinated by your spectacular brugmansias. From what I've read, I don't think they would do well in Phoenix so I'll have to admire them from afar! Awesome, simply awesome!
- Daisy, where it was a cloudless 113 degrees in the shade of the patio yesterday ("but it's a dry heat")

cat said...

oh boy...i'm drooling looking at those blooms! gorgeous!

do you have any advice on how to root passion vine? mine has started to grow finally and i want to put some down in the back on the shade structure over what will become another flower bed..:) thanks!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I'll show you in the morning Cat. I want to take some cuttings of things in the yard, and I'll do one of the passionvines I have.