Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last night I decided not to take the Lortab before bed. I had taken one about 9pm after my parents left. All that hobbling around the yard had really taken a toll on my leg. It was badly swollen so I elevated it again and packed it with ice. I only woke up once during the night and slept til after 9am. The swelling was gone this morning but came back as soon as I started moving around. I still need coffee in the mornings.

From my bedroom window I saw something I knew I had to get a picture of. It's one of the wintersown Red Texas Star hibiscus that I moved from the perennial bed to the shrub island months ago. It's just over 4' tall. The other two are budding too.

I made my way out to the perennial bed for the Sunday ritual. I checked on the white guara I moved last week and had only watered twice before getting stoned by the lawnmower. I think it's a goner. I still have the pink. Hopefully a few seeds from the white one dropped before I moved it. If not, I'll try again next year.

I think this is one of the calendula seeds I tossed out earlier in the spring.

A Cherry Brandy rudbeckia bloom. This is the third and final plant to bloom. It's much closer to what they had advertised. It almost makes me want to take back everything bad I said based on the two earlier blooming plants. Almost.

The weedy underbelly of the front bed. The roses, salvia, lavender, etc are doing great. Other areas are overgrown and need to be revised again next year. I think my eucalyptus has died. The morning glory swallowed it at some point. The datura that popped up here (I did toss out seeds in February) has engulfed it completely. Jackie's spirea is still doing well near the garage door. It's bloomed a couple times since I transplanted it from Virginia.

And finally, the Sunday picture. In December, I'll put them all together into a slideshow to track the progression, seed to seed. I'm very curious to see what will be standing after the first frost in a couple months. Really? That soon? Ugh.

It's 74 degrees and mostly cloudy. Accuweather says we have a 30% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. doesn't agree and says it will be sunny, well, now. We'll see who is right. Both agree that there's no more rain in the forecast until Friday.


janie said...

Wow! That Texas Star Hibiscus is really a beauty!

Did you know that it is not a native of Texas at all? It is actually a native of Georgia. I guess since it does look so much like a star, and we are the Lone Star State, the name fits. LOL

Beautiful blossoms.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I should get some seeds with all the blooms I have coming. I'll be sure you get some if you want them Janie.

Kris said...

Hey Tom, come to my blog and check out the castor bean plants (flower page). You might want some of these seeds next year....

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Kris, I left you a comment over there the other day.