Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm beat.

I don't say it often, but this leg thing has me whipped. This morning, I went outside to attempt some watering. After wrestling with the hoses and crutches for 10 minutes, I gave up. Let it die. I did manage to collect a few seeds yesterday evening. There's a ton of castor beans out there. The salvia subrotunda is covered with seed pods. There are babies already this year under the current plant.

So instead of watering, I focused on things that I like. Here's the shrub island. The pineapple sage in the foreground was blooming in May. It should bloom again real soon.

My new Rose of Sharon. There's no tag, but it's a double pink. I think it will look good with the crape myrtles in the back yard next year. Maybe underplanted with some echinacea.

Finally, the mind has decided to shut down....Perilla. I love this plant.

Went back to the doctor. Infection. More antibiotics, something to relieve the swelling, more antibiotics, and some cultures to test for additional infection. They also took x-rays since no one at the emergency room did. It's bad, but should be much better by Monday. I could even be up and moving if the soreness in the bone isn't an issue.


FlowerLady said...

Love the different plants in your gardens, flowers, foliage, colorful, wonderful.

Do hope your leg heals soon.


Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

stay out of the dirt!

NellJean said...

Take a page from Mr. Johnny Mack Butler and be a 'next year man' for now. Keep that leg propped up and don't try to tend the garden. Sometimes when you step back for a while, the fittest will survive and you'll see the whole plan in a new light.

Anonymous said...

Your gardens look lovely; they'll take care of themselves for a few days, you know. :) I do hope your leg heals completely and quickly from here on.

LeSan said...

ahh Tom, I'm sorry you are so laid up with this darn thing. I know how frustrating it is. Definately sorry to hear about the infection. I hope they gave you a strong enough dose to knock it out the first time. Those infections can so severely sap your energy and it just sucks! Take care buddy.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks ya'll. Nell, you're right on target. I'm watching some things to see what's strong enough to survive. I didn't spend much time watering this summer, so what's out there still has the ability to make it without me.

As for the leg, it's much better this morning. The secondary infection is probably due to the rock hitting the bone itself and nothing I did. The first round of antibiotics were too weak. This one, they make me nauseous.

Kris said...

Oh Tom, I'm sorry to learn of your infection. From reading other blogs (and even gardening neighbors) it seems that most everyone who has had an injury this summer is also having to deal with infections (some 'normal', some staph). Makes ya wonder .... Hope you feel better soon. You never realize just how much gardening you do, until you can't! :-(