Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seed Collecting

I spent some time today collecting seeds. At work, the gaillaria needed to be deadheaded. No problem. The petunias could use a pinch too. I'm on it. The gazania had lots of white puffy stuff, but nothing I could identify as seed, so I trashed it.

In my own yard, I separated Golden Jubilee from the chaff. Using my stainless steel bowl, I collected seeds from white and pink four o'clocks. I'm keeping them separate for no real reason.

I collected from several melampodium.

I tossed the heads from a couple zinnias into the same pile. Maybe the goldfinches left me something.

A few more purple cleome pods split when I touched them.

Of course there were cosmos, including a very few yellow.

The outline of the next bed is taking shape thanks to RoundUp. I sprayed it a couple days ago. I'm sure the heat and sun are helping.

And when you stop paying attention, something else blooms.

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