Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stupid rock.

Here's the little guy that caused me so much trouble. It's about 4" across the longest side. See the pointy bits? One of those hit the bone.

Four stitches, 30 Lortab, and some antibiotics are going to make for a great weekend. I've been excused from work til Monday. I'm trying to stay off my feet entirely. It's going to drive me insane.

Carla came over this morning and took me to get my scripts filled and turn in my note at work. I bought some groceries too. I normally don't eat a lot of microwaveable food, but this week is an exception. I also got some sandwich meats, cheese, and there are still fresh tomatoes in the garden. Cans of fruit rounded out the shopping experience.

The prescribed medication originally called for 7 Levaquin, one a day for a week. At $119 for those seven pills, I asked the pharmacist to call and ask for a generic. $4 at Wal-Mart was the final cost. The Lortab was just over $15 for 30 pills. It does help the pain, but I know already I need to save them for sleeping hours. At the emergency room, I took one while waiting on Carla. I took another about 1am. At 4am, I woke up in agony and took the two remaining pills. As soon as I had the bag in my hand at Wal-Mart, I took one more. It helps considerably. They are addictive, so I have to be careful.

When I went out this morning to find the rock, I noticed blooms on the lavender crape myrtle. So there's that.

It's 75 degrees. No rain in the forecast until late tonight. Rain all weekend though. Must be the hurricane.


Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

Is Carla married? It might be time to settle down. Maybe you should build another lawn chair. :)

MissyM said...

Oh man, that is bad. O well, more time to spend online if you cant be up and about. Hope it heals soon and the pain is managable.

Chad and Brandy said...

Oh, just another reason to hate cutting grass. It's a good excuse to lay around and be lazy.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, you're worse than my mother about this marriage thing. Carla, while sweet and caring, is not my cup of tea. :)

I've been sleeping all day Missy. Just got up to find out my parents were headed this way to check on me since I wasn't answering the phone.

I'm ready to get rid of all the grass now. ;)

Engineeredgarden said...

Bummer....It's amazing how some little thing can get a man down. Best wishes on getting well.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks EG.

lynn'sgarden said...

Nice balancing..picture is spot on...haha!

Anonymous said...

You need a few days of rest anyway! So sorry to hear about the pain though, especially when you are trying to sleep. Take care!