Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall is coming.

Last year I had one pineapple sage plant. I took cuttings and rooted them throughout the winter. By spring, I had 15. Ten plants survived to be transplanted into the bed I made at the end of the driveway. They've bloomed sporadically all summer, but the real show is just starting. In a few more weeks, they'll be covered with red flowers that draw hummingbirds like moths to a flame.

I was planning to make this a post about Hilda. She's an older lady that works at the store with me. She brings me things from time to time. I've given her brug cuttings, rooted hibiscus plants, and several other odds and ends. This past week she brought me upright elephant ears. I don't know the name, but Wendy's has some in their drive-thru bed. At least that's what she told me. I don't eat at Wendy's that often. She also brought me two voodoo lily bulbs earlier in the year. They're doing fine in a small pot at the end of the driveway. She gave me the cuttings for my 10 hydrangea plants. Still doing well, they need to be planted soon.

I really miss my morning coffee in the yard. Think I'll take my second cup out to the front steps this morning.

It's 66 degrees and sunny. We got a little rain last night, but barely enough to measure in the rain gauge. At the store, it rain for about 15 minutes, a hard steady downpour. Two miles away here at the house, not even half that. More rain in the forecast Sunday through Tuesday. Hope it comes. High today should reach into the upper 80s. We'll start cooling off later in the week. I couldn't live at AmLo farms where they've been in the triple digits for weeks. Or in AZ with Daisy where it was 113 a couple days ago.

Overall, it's been a pleasant summer. Our highest temperature was 97. We've only had a week or two where we were in the upper 90s. If we had gotten a little more rain, I would have been happier. But I have no control over that.

Unrelated, I've given up on Kongmansia. The first cuttings I received last winter died from a spider mite infestation. The one I purchased in April has been treated several times and still has spider mites. The foliage is dying. New growth turns brown in a matter of days. I will not see blooms on this plant this year. If it bothers to come back from the root next spring, good on it. If not, oh well. I'm done trying to force things to grow in my yard that need that much attention and chemicals. Other brugs do well with little to no extra care.


Nell Jean said...

Hope your leg is much, much better.

We had higher temps at times than you, and higher humidity and many more gnats, but we had rain. The rain was most welcome after two years of drought.

I tried 3 times to send an email about the alternanthera. Either you got 3, or none. Finally I just made a post on my blog. That purple alternanthera is the growingest thing I ever saw. It's climbing the rose trellis where it was supposed to be an underplanting. The red will turn red soon, it's a great fall color. I have no pineapple sage blossoms yet. Pineapple sage makes a great winter pot plant.

Anonymous said...

Your pineapple sage bloomed in May? Hmmm. I need to have a talk with mine. I love that plant, the way it keeps the hummers around a little longer when some of my other plants are petering out.

Your orange rose is GORGEOUS!!!

Sue said...

My pineapple sage spent quite a few days wilted because it wasn't getting enough water in its pot. It's been doing better lately. I should try to take some cuttings.

I hope you're healing.

lynn'sgarden said...

When I grew it in past years, I'd carry a sprig in my pocket just to enjoy the great fragrance of the pineapple sage. Your garden looks wonderful, Tom..and that arbor!

gld said...

Tom, that picture of the morning mist in the background may be my favorite of all you have posted. What a pretty planting.

Well, I am gimping along with you....again. My sweet cow kicked the bejabbers out of my left shin bone! She hasn't gotten used to the new routine of milking and an extra calf. I should have been more careful, but it came as a surprise.

So.....haven't been doing much gardening of late; just the bare essentials.

Here is hoping we both heal asap.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Nell. I saw your post and got two emails. The leg is getting better, but I'm trying not to push it. I need it this fall to do a few major projects in the yard.

MaryLee, my PS bloomed in May because it was overwintered indoors. I'm sure it thought it was the right time to bloom given the temperatures.

Sue, you can root PS is water or in soil. I start mine in water usually or stick them in the cloner.

Lynn, it's also great on pizza with sliced tomato and cheese. Or you can substitute basil.

glenda, I don't mind people trying to be like me, but letting the cow kick you is a little over the top. ;) Hope you're better soon too. It's killing me not being out in the yard.