Monday, August 24, 2009

They're here.

All 11 of my cabinets for the new kitchen are in the basement stacked on pallets to keep them off the damp floor.

The gift card was in the mailbox this afternoon. And I still can't walk.


FlowerLady said...

I really feel for you being unable to get out and do the things you would normally be doing. At least you have your cabinets up off the floor. Try not to stress and fret, enjoy this 'laid up' time. It's at times like this that we learn to appreciate all that we have. Hang in there, pretty soon you'll be installing these babies and have your wonderful new kitchen.

I look forward to seeing pictures.


Anonymous said...

New kitchen cupboards -- how exciting! I do hope your leg is healing well; be good to yourself. :)

lynn'sgarden said...

Tom, hope you're calling the troops for this project! Definitely something you can't rush with and definitely something that has to wait til you're leg is healed. The boxes aren't going anywhere..haha!

compost in my shoe said...

Wow, looks like a transformation is in your future. Good luck withe the leg. Must be difficult not being able to move on with the project. All in good time!

cat said...

i'm so sorry you are still disabled! :( injuries are never fun, especially when they get in the way of things you love the most...*hug*

i'm jealous of your new cabinets..haha! i'm dying for the say when we have the money to rip out these ones...some day...some day...;)

if you can, or even get someone to do this for you, get some digestive enzymes from a health food store. particular protease. they help with swelling and healing of injuries. don't ask me how, our doctor gave them to J when he dislocated his rib a few weeks back and he was up and around again within a couple days..;)