Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Checking the mail.

I'm home for lunch. I checked the mail, knowing that Jim over at the Gaudy Garden had mailed the dianthus cuttings for my retaining wall near the chimney. A rather large package was stuffed into my standard residential box.

Inside, there are three huge ziplock bags filled with dianthus. From what I can tell, he sent not just cuttings, but bits of plants too. I'll spend some time this evening in the basement potting everything and sticking cuttings.

There was also another bag full of what I assume to be bulbs. He claims they're prolific and spreading. He posted about them the day Michael Jackson died. Alstroemeria The card he included shows the foliage, as he writes, "Taken by my neighbor last year." Gardeners are great people. Thanks so much, again, Jim.

It's 81 and partly sunny. We got a bit of rain last night, though my impatiens by the front walk didn't seem to notice. When I get home, I might try to water them. I might not. The leg is not happy today. They've given me a stool to sit on while I run the register, so my butt is sore. They don't even complain when I put my feet on the counter to help with the swelling. The customers, for the most part, are understanding when I can't pick up something heavy without toppling over. For some customers, I pick up the crutches before I stand up, as a hint. I could whack them over the head with it, and I doubt they'd notice.

ps...I didn't ignore the comments on the kitchen cabinets post below. I just haven't had time to respond yet.

6:55pm. - Got off at 4. Managed to get home around 4:40. It takes a while to walk back and forth to the break room, parking lot, etc. I came in, poured myself a huge glass of iced tea and propped my leg up on the desk. I put an ice pack on it and felt almost human again. About an hour later, I headed downstairs. I forgot to take the camera. Oh well.

Out of the three zippies, I got 18 quart sized containers stuck. Lots of the pieces of dianthus had roots, so I collected those first. Then I did it the way I have been shown. I pulled a nice green piece from the pile. I stripped off the bottom leaves, cut the root tip down to about 1/2", and stuck it in well draining soil. Broken bags are still free. I also stuck two containers of the bulbs Jim sent. Let's hope they make it. It's a beautiful plant.

I put the three trays on my handtruck, laid down with the tiny wheels and handlebars upright. I wheeled them out onto the driveway through the garage door. I gave them two healthy drinks of water and pulled them back inside. They should get enough light for the next couple of days in this spot thanks to the windows in the door. With our humidity so high, I don't even need to worry about a covering. Remember the hydrangea?

Back upstairs, waiting on my pizza, about ready to head to bed and lay down. More ice expected this evening with the occasional thunderclap of pain when I roll over in my sleep. We got a bit of rain today. A passing shower dumped enough to turn the asphalt into steam. At least it was something.

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