Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16th. Two thousand and nine.

This morning I spent a couple hours in the perennial bed. It is Sunday after all. I pulled all but the largest cosmos. I'm sick of them. I collected lots of seed and tossed the plants into the gully. I'm sure there will be some volunteers next year and I will weed them out of the perennial bed. In place of the cosmos, I dug the agastache from the white bed. There were 6 large clumps. I cut it way back and watered it well.

The Golden Jubilee was deadheaded too. I scattered the seeds all over the area.

I moved a rose campion to the perennial bed too. Lamb's ear got moved to the front bed along the top of the wall. In between, I'll plant dianthus to spill over the wall.

Nicotiana from the white bed also got moved. These are from seeds I've tossed out this summer, I assume. They're tiny and haven't bloomed yet. I pulled the sunflowers near the trellis. Too much rain, too much drought, and the goldfinches have really made a mess of them. Next year I plan to only sow seeds from black oil sunflowers found in bird seed mixes. The goldfinches love them and I like that they have more than 1 flower on each plant.

I watered all the things I've planted this week, the daylilies, the black and blue salvia, all the plants I shoveled into place this morning, and a few odds and ends that looked thirsty. I collected more seeds, pulled some weeds, and shovel pruned other things that have passed their prime. I can't remember now all that I did, but that's no problem.

When I was done, I took my camera with an empty memory card, and walked the entire length of the perennial bed making notes in my head, snapping an image every couple of feet. The images, necessary in late February when I get itchy to be in the garden again, will come in handy as I move things around and plant this year's wintersown seedlings. It's my way of record keeping. Not all of the pictures are pretty. Not all of them are in focus or have great composition. It's utilitarian in purpose and will be viewed over and over again during the winter.

Sunday's picture.

For those interested in the details, here's the August 16, 2009 slideshow. It's 77 degrees with 83% humidity. Cloudy and overcast, they say we've got a 40% chance of afternoon showers. Same forecast for the next 3 days. Off to work.


Tim said...

The pictures are great! Perhaps not all the most beautiful shots for publishing, but what a great record of what things look like at a particular time of year! Perfect tool for planting and planning next year!

Nell Jean said...

I find it just astounding just to go back and review May and June, as compared to now.

I keep some less-than-suited for publication pics for reference, but I don't keep any that are out of focus, they give me mal-de-mer.

I have to jot down some plans on a Word page with pics because the notes in my head just spill right out by the time the pics are cold.

You do know that sunflowers are alleopathic and you don't want them where they'll stunt their neighbors?

lynn'sgarden said...

WOW, TOM! I love seeing how full your beds are now. And the morning glory arbor...I remember how pretty the design was and now you can't even see it save for the plants!!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks ya'll. It really is more for my records than anything else. It's a process I use. Nell, I lose my ideas quickly too. That's one reason I'm planning to spend my next rainy day off rereading what I've written over the past 8 months. And I did not know that about sunflowers. I'll have to keep that in mind too.

Engineeredgarden said...'ve created some beautiful scenery! I looked up that book "The Propagator's Bible" the other day, and will try to get one for a christmas present or something. Oh! I also bought one of the rope lights like you use in your cloner, too - and will use it for hardwood cuttings this Jan/Feb. I'm really getting geared up for this propagating thing, and will need a few pointers from you later, if ya don't mind.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

EG, the rope light is used to start seeds. Hardwood cuttings are done outside with no heat or cover. This winter, January-ish, just be sure to check out the post on those kinds of cuttings. I have plans to do forsythia, figs, and some other things I have laying around.

Engineeredgarden said...

Ok, i'll remember that. I'll try to use that rope light in my propagation chamber to provide some bottom heat for my tomatoes next year.
I'm gonna construct (2) 4x4 dome hoop covers this fall, and plan on using them as miniature greenhouses for the cuttings, and also to help harden off my tomato plants. I can't wait!