Friday, March 27, 2009

Dense fog advisory and the 10 day forecast

Spring is here. There's no doubt about it. At 55 degrees this morning, it's almost too warm outside. There's lots of humidity and showers are expected again this afternoon. It sprinkled on and off yesterday. The sun even came out once or twice for a moment or two. It felt incredible on the skin and made the rain more tolerable.

Things in the garden are putting out lots of new growth, even over the course of a couple days. Rain brings down nitrogen from the atmosphere so everything, including the bermuda grass in the back yard, is bright green and healthy looking.

On the 10 day forecast, I'll be paying very close attention to the April 5 date. If on that date, there are no freezing temperatures for the next 10 days, the tomatoes will go into the garden. This weekend I will start my cukes and squash. I should be able to move a few things out of the hoophouse and make plans to bring them indoors should it freeze overnight. I'll sow them in cups like my zinnias and other flowers. I hope by mid June to be harvesting the first tomatoes and cucumbers. I hope the lettuce holds out until then. It would be nice to make a salad from my own garden for the first time.

More rain expected this evening. Strong thunderstorms are churning near the Gulf. Those should be here on Saturday. Hopefully, we can sell a lot of plants this weekend. We've got inventory coming up on Monday and Tuesday. Counting thousands of plants is not my idea of a fun afternoon.


Victoria Williams said...

Wow. Love seeing your 10 day forecast. We'll be lucky to put tomatoes out by mid-May.

Dirt Princess said...

We got 8-12" of rain overnight in Mobile, unreal amounts. It was a constant down pour all night!

DebMc said...

We were out this morning tucking sheets over our newly planted tomatoes and peppers. The forecast is for middle thirties for the next two nights with hard winds out of the north. Since I'd already mentally made the switch to shorts and sandals, I'm annoyed.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I hope we're done with winter. I really don't want to deal with any more freezing weather. It looks like on Sunday we might have a chance for frost which is why everything is still in the hoophouse.