Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making plans for the weekend.

It's 28 degrees and sunny. The high today should be in the upper 50s.

Today is a work day. I need to finish the two buildings for the project I am working on. The site has received 4 coats of resin. By Monday, it should be fully cured and ready for paint. I plan to take both Saturday and Sunday to work in the yard. Temperatures of 71 and 77 are forecast.

Originally, I was considering a trip to the Southern Spring Show in Charlotte. This annual event draws thousands of people to the Charlotte Merchandise Mart. But I would rather spend that time and energy actually doing something. I've been to several of the shows. The first one was great. The second, not so great and certainly not worth the admission fee. Rather than chance it again, there are things I can do here.

My to do list for the weekend:

■ Do something with the gully
■ Plant out rooted willow cuttings
■ Plant out more wintersown containers if necessary
■ Till and rake tomato garden one last time.
■ Cut and chop remaining firewood in the gully for those late freezing nights
■ Plant out gardenias, rudbeckias, and shasta daisies in the hoophouse
■ Direct sow native and wildflower seeds

That should keep me busy. I don't expect to get it all done. I think it will be great just to get outside without freezing to death.


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Corner Gardener Sue said...

I don't want to pay the $6.00 fee for our home and garden shows, which are basically companies advertising their services. Like you, I'd rather do something. I hope you get those warm temps. We had a record high in SE Nebraska, 76! The highs for the weekend are supposed to be in the 40s, though. I hope you get a lot of the things on your list done.