Monday, March 23, 2009

We now return to our regularly scheduled program...

It's a work day. I'm starting a new project this morning. It's due April 3 (or Apr 6 if I need the extra weekend). It's a small project, nothing fancy. I'll also be heading in to Lowe's for a few hours of work today too. I'll be playing with plants there.

It's 34 degrees. I guess the weatherman can't always be right. He said it would only get down to 41. Liars, all of them. It's clear and expected to be another really nice day here in NC.

It's Monday. So be careful out there.

4:03pm - 66 degrees and I'm on my lunch break. I went in at 9:30. Makes sense, right? I was the only person there this morning aside from the new guy who is doing a great job. He's really into working with me and others and jumps on all the calls as soon as he can. We've got a great crew this summer.

My lips are burnt, my face is hot, and I need another glass of iced tea. I've drank more water today than in the past week. There's just something about drinking from a garden hose that brings back memories.


Heather said...

Hi Tom- I guess today washes out the weather the other day when it was warmer than predicted. Gotta love the weather. If you don't like it, wait a minute. It'll change. Enjoy your day!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

These are the days when a cool morning leads to open windows in the afternoon. It should be in the upper 60s again today.