Friday, March 6, 2009

What a wonderful day.

It's 70 degrees and sunny. I've got a nice sunburn on my face and I stink. I smell like dirt and sweat. Ok, maybe not the worst of smells for those of us that like to garden.

I spent the morning getting some work done, but the temptation to be outside was just too high. So I picked 22 containers that could be planted out (second set of leaves).

In the front bed:
■ Rose Queen Salvia

In the white bed:
■ Nicotiana - 1 green, 1 white
■ White Agastache
■ Queen Anne's Lace - 2 containers
■ Shasta Mix

In the perennial bed:
■ Maltese Cross - 3
■ Foxglove - pink/white - 2
■ Lamb's Ear
■ Rudbeckia - 1 "brown", 1 'Autumn Colors'
■ Red Sails Poppy
■ Dame's Rocket
■ Catchfly Blue Angel
■ Nicotiana Purple - 2
■ Crimson Clover

I also planted out the clumps of peonies I got this weekend in Virginia. I tried not to break them up too much hoping they will bloom this year. HUGE clumps.


The Hostas are coming up under the oak tree.


A bird planted holly.


One of the prettiest daffodils that was here when I bought the house. I need to mark them so I can move them to a better location.


Now, I have to do some actual work this evening. But it was worth it. I am loving this weather.

Edit: The cardinals have found the bird feeder I received for my birthday. Yesterday there was a squirrel trying to get into it as well. I think it left hungry.

6:50pm - 64 degrees and the windows are still open. Forgot to add that I sowed the cherry tomato seeds today.


Dirt Princess said...

I am so jealous you were able to work outside today! I have that same daffodil. I am not sure of the name. There is one very similar called Butter and Eggs...but it is all yellow. Mine is yellow and green. If you find out what it is please let me know.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

That daffodil is probably 15 years old, maybe older. It's been that long since anyone has lived here that did more than cut the grass.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful day in Michigan as well. Up in the 60's and sunny. Highly unusual for March weather. Today was a good day to start picking up the fallen branches and other winter refuse.

Anonymous said...

Tom I live just up the road from you. I really enjoy your post and seeing what is coming up in your yard. My yard is to wet to see much coming up in the yard. I planted some seeds Tuesday and I have sprouts today. I am working on my rose garden this weekend.
Thanks for your post.

Tessa said...

Tom, You sound like me today- including the sweat and smell! We had sunny weather and at one point, not even clouds. I'm not even sure what the high was today because I was too busy building another tunnel! Amazing for Portland! Nicotiana is one of my favorites. I grow it every year and make sure it gets a spot near a door or window so the evening scent will come in the house!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks anonymous. I've been looking for other gardeners in the area. The ladies that visit the basement beauty shop across the street have been commenting on how good everything is looking. Just wait til they see it this summer. Last year was just a trial run.

Tessa, this is my first year planting nicotiana. The purple is supposed to be much more fragrant than the white. I have one more pack of seeds I plan to scatter near the front door. Maybe I'll add that to my list of things to do today.